The Global Job Board Trends Report

Jeff Dickey–Chasins, aka The Job Board Doctor, was a keynote speaker at our North American Job Board Summit in Chicago on 20/21st June 2013 and will also be speaking at our European Job Board Summit in London on 4th/5th December 2013.

Jeff shared the results to support of his annual Job Board Survey and this year’s survey saw over 319 job boards participate, the highest number ever.

Jeff’s report gives an excellent top line overview of what is going on in the job board world, key trends and some great statistics. Our team at Jobg8 have digested the report and are delighted to share what we see as some of the key points.

The breakdown of those job boards participating is;

  • UK 94
  • US and Rest of the World 177
  • Europe 50

In this entry we focus on the top line data and the Free Reports can be downloaded here.

So what were the key findings in each region?

The UK

The UK Market is a hugely competitive market with a heavy use of aggregators and more job boards expecting to use them. The “application is king” and acquiring relevant applications is very competitive. Job Postings are also amongst the highest in the world and the price per post appears to be traditionally lower than in other markets.

Mobile is delivering the highest traffic in the world and finally confidence is high amongst job board owners.

Key Trends

  • 66% of survey respondents are currently using aggregators, and of those, 93% plan to continue to use them
  • 41% of the job boards deliver 10 or more applications per job, on average
  • 33% of the sites are getting 20% or more of their traffic from mobile devices
  • 70% of the boards have a mobile-friendly site
  • Niche job board competitors are seen as the primary threat for 41% of the respondents
  • Over three-quarters of respondents are optimistic about their business during the coming 12 months

Key Statistics

  • 33% have 0-25k unique users a month; the largest single figure was 16% having 50k-100k unique users BUT 18% have 500k+
  • Paid job volumes per month; the UK is a volume driven market and 42% of job boards had 1000+ jobs
  • Volume of CVs; the UK is equally a CV driven market with 38% having 0-25k CVs but 31.7% having 100,000+. Only 17% did not collect CVs
  • Applications per post; 25% 0-5, 14.9% 5-10 and 10.8 delivering 30 plus applications per post, 13.5% don’t know
  • Traffic from mobile; huge growth in the UK in this with 23.4% of job boards getting 20-30% of their traffic via mobile and 9.4% getting 30-40%
  •  Key Threats; LinkedIn 48%, recession and price erosion at 35.7%, free sites 31%, social recruiting 26.8%, negative perception of job board 25% Indeed 21.4%, commoditization of job postings 19.6%, growth of aggregators 17.9% and technology 16%

Six Future Plans for Job Boards in the UK

  • A huge 72.9% plan to invest in SEO
  • Invest in improving search technology 62.7%
  • Add new products 49%
  • Modify existing platform 47.5%
  • Add new social features 40.7%
  • Add sales staff 40.7%

US and Rest of the World

Use of aggregators is lower but many plan to use them in the future and the job boards expect to invest heavily in SEO to drive traffic and take on the threat posed by LinkedIn.

Both marketing and technology will also be invested in, job boards are more confident in this region than any other region in the world.

Key Trends

  • 63% are currently using aggregators, and 81% plan to use aggregators in the future
  • Over 30% + of the job boards deliver 10 or more applications per job for their employers
  • Over 60% of the job boards plan to increase marketing expenditures and investments in technology during the coming year
  • Over 25% of the job boards are getting 15% or more of their traffic from mobile devices
  • Over 50% of the boards consider LinkedIn a ‘significant threat’
  • 76% are optimistic about the future of their job board

Key Statistics

  • 37% have 0-25,000 unique users, 30% 25 – 200,000 and 29% 200k – 1m+
  • Paid job postings per month; 1-25, 21.5%, but 27.6% have 1000+
  • Volume of resumes; 23% don’t collect resumes, 1000 – 25k, 27%, 25k-50k, 25% and 50k+ 25%
  • Applications per post; 18% 0-5, 12% 10-15%, 12.9% 30 + and 19% don’t measure
  • Traffic from mobile; only 8.9% of job boards are getting 20-30% of their traffic via mobile and 24% don’t know
  • Key Threats; LinkedIn 56%, commoditization of job postings recession and price erosion at 29.6%, negative perception of job board 28.9%, recession 28%, free sites 29%, Indeed 28%, growth of aggregators 26.7%, social recruiting 25.9% and technology 20%

Six Future Plans for Job Boards in the Rest of the World

  • Plan to invest in SEO 54.4%
  • Add new products 53%
  • Add new social media features 47.6%
  • Improve search technology 46.9%
  • Make the site mobile friendly 45.5%
  • Add sales staff 42%


A very different market to the UK and the Rest of the World, many job boards do not collect CVs/Resumes. Also, they don’t track or know how many applications their site delivers.

Traffic from mobile devices is lower than in the UK but growing and, as in the UK, LinkedIn is perceived to be the key threat.

SEO, New Products and “Social Features” are all areas that Job Boards expect to invest in.

Key Trends

  • Almost 33% of job boards surveyed do not collect job seekers’ resumes
  • 34% either don’t track or don’t know how many applications per job their site produces for employers
  • Job boards are seeing best results in traffic acquisition from search engine marketing and direct marketing
  • Over 33% of the boards are getting 10% or more of their site traffic from mobile devices
  • 63% of job boards surveyed have a mobile-friendly site
  • LinkedIn is seen as the most serious threat to existing job boards

Key Statistics

  • 36% have 25,000 – 100,000 unique users per month
  • Paid job volumes per month – 1-25 jobs 21.7%, 100 – 250 17.4%, 1000+ 17.4%
  • Volume of CVs; 28.3% don’t collect CV/Resumes, 5000-25,000 17.4%, 1000-5000 15.4% and 100,000+ 15.4%
  • Applications per post; 33.3% don’t know or don’t measure this, 17.1% 30 + application, 11.5% 10-15 applications per post.
  • Traffic from mobile; 20% get between 10 and 15%, 34.2% between 5 and 10%, 62% have a mobile friendly site, 51% don’t have an app
  • Key Threats; LinkedIn 57%, price erosion 42.9%, recession 37%, social recruiting 34.4%, free site 31.4%, growth of aggregators 28.6%, Indeed 25.7% and Facebook 20%

Six Future Plans for Job Boards in Europe

  • Increase SEO efforts 61%
  • Add new products 58.8%
  • Add new social features 41%
  • Make the site “Mobile Friendly” 38%
  • Launch new job sites 35%
  • Improve the search technology 35%

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