Session Two of the North American Job Board Summit

Our second session on day one and first on day two delved into Matching, Cloud and Mobile Technology and we had three great speakers: Dr Steve Carter, VP of Matching Technology at  eHarmony; Mitch Greenwald, business and technology industry leader, founder of Cloudbarkers; and recognised speaker and traininer Michael Marlett, founder of mRecruitingcamp

Dr Steve Carter – Matching Technology

Steve described the core thinking behind eHarmony:

  • When we launched eHarmony in August of 2000, no one in the online dating industry thought that compatibility for long term relationships mattered.
  • Online dating was viewed as driven entirely by people who wanted to “hook up”.
  • Dating in general was viewed as driven by attraction, and attraction driven by factors not easily used in predictive modelling (i.e., physical appearance, fashion style, communication, sense of humour).
  • Some people even argued that compatibility doesn’t exist when it comes to romantic relationships.

This reminds me of some of the “job boards” thinking i.e. we just connect people to jobs NOT find the organisation the right, engaged talent, the “relevant” applicant.

Steve then went into huge detail on the “eHarmony” thinking about dating and human nature.

To wrap up, Steve looked at the “recruiting sector” and shared some great thoughts:

  • Double the proportion of Great Marriages – Cut the divorce rate in half
  • Double the proportion of Highly Engaged employees – Cut the rate of churn (staff turnover rate) in half

We all know why engagement does matter and the eHarmony approach is:

  • Candidate – Job Listing Affinity
  • How much do YOU like the JOB
  • Company – Candidate Affinity
  • How much does “the JOB” like YOU

Mitch Greenwald – Cloud Computing

Our second presentation looked at Cloud Computing and Mitch Greenwald’s Trends in Cloud computing identified the key benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Multi-tenant
  • Resilient
  • Utility model

Mitch then showed what some efficiencies/revenue opportunities for businesses using cloud technology are:

  • Ability to focus on your business
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Automatic disaster recovery and security
  • BYOD – device independence
  • Mobility
  • Integrate with job boards to build unique offering

Michael Marlett – What are the three things we carry? Keys, Money and Mobile.

Michael Marlett then took the stage to discuss mobile technology.

“The world is fast approaching a historic milestone where there will soon be more active mobile phone connections on the planet than human beings alive”. Tom Ahonen

The US now has 102% mobile penetration in the US! And 76% of parents say that children under 18 are the designated primary users of tablets in the family.

The Mobile Recruiting Stats:

“Globally, only 110 out of 694 employers have a mobile career website or app! With Smartphone usage skyrocketing among students and graduates, this is yet another gap for employers to close rather sooner than later”.

 “Large employers and job boards report on average mobile and tablet use is around 20% to 30% of all traffic”.

Are job seekers willing to apply for jobs from a mobile device? The answer is yes. Research from Jibe, SimplyHired and PotentialPark all give figures above 40% when asked this question.

So can you afford to ignore mobile?

To see the above presentations register with us.

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