Five Great Job Board Articles

At Jobg8, given that our clients are only Job Boards, we are always interested in finding and sharing interesting stories about Job Boards and how to use them better or make them operate in a smarter manner.

Each month we will share our “Best of the Job Board” stories on our blog.

We hope you find these updates useful and please, if you have a story to share, let us know.

 Top 6 tips to making the most of job board advertising

Getting your online job advertising right will ensure you maximise your ROI and end up with the hire you want. Smashing!

Here, job board owner and former recruitment professional of 15 years, Mark Lennox, offers his top 6 tips to ensure you get the most from your job boards.

Jobg8 says – Excellent advice.

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5 Myths about SEO for HR, Recruiting, & Online Job Boards


For HR professionals and recruiters, search engine optimization (SEO) might seem like a foreign language. But having the right keywords and other SEO strategies can help you target job candidate traffic to your job postings or career page. With millions of job seekers using search engines to find jobs, it’s pretty clear the power SEO holds.

But to get the big picture, 75 percent of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results. What’s more is search and email are still the top two activities on the Internet. From an HR perspective, SEO can greatly help (or hurt) your job marketing efforts.

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Are career hubs what job boards become when they grow up?

The ‘traditional’ job board is evolving – but as science tells us, every instance of evolution isn’t always ‘successful’. There have been plenty of dead ends in nature. Same in the job board world – often because the sites in question failed to adapt.

But which path will job boards follow to successfully evolve in the coming years? As is often the case in the industry, I think it is the resurrection and expansion of an idea that has been around for years – the career hub.

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Job Boards Are Down but Not Out

Ten years ago, Monster and CareerBuilder were the starting point for any respectable job search candidate or recruiting professional. Companies posted ads, job seekers responded, and within a day recruiters had a cache of potential hires to choose from. But over the years, the boards seemed to sabotage their own value proposition by becoming too easy to use. Job seekers flooded companies with applications even if they weren’t remotely qualified for the positions, and recruiters, overwhelmed by the deluge, stopped reviewing them all together. This caused serious seekers to abandon the big boards, turning instead to social media, referrals, and niche recruiting sites for job leads, leaving recruiters with a less and less compelling candidate pool for their job posting dollar.

Still, job boards are far from dead. Their influence is definitely declining, but most experts believe these sites will never disappear.

Jobg8 says – Interesting read.

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6 Revenue Development Approaches You Haven’t Tried Yet

Successful monetization of your website depends on audience and traffic development, but it may also depend on your going off the beaten path a little to find new options in revenue development.

Of course, the revenue development methods most appropriate for your site depend on factors like your niche, your audience, the type of content you produce, and the loyalty of your traffic. But don’t be afraid to consider monetization strategies that may seem unorthodox at first. Here are five revenue development approaches you may never have seriously considered. Perhaps you should!

Jobg8 says – Not just about recruitment but off interest to anyone in publishing or media.

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