Session One of the North American Job Board Summit

Kevin Wheeler, founder of Future of Talent Institute, got the Summit started with his views on how the actual trends and attitudes will shape the future of work and, by extension, the job board industry.

Gerry Crispin, from CareerXRoads, followed up with a discussion of some of the the results of his Candi Experience Research, giving an insight into the behavior and expectations of candidates. 

Kevin Wheeler – The Future of Work – The impact on our Industry.

Kevin delivered a thought-provoking presentation on the future of work and whether you agree or disagree in the big vision, he explored themes that will either directly or indirectly impact on all of us.

The key message is that work is changing from the Traditional: security, career path, predictable income and camaraderie to the Free Agent: choice, flexibility, opportunity and paid on performance.

This is being driven by many factors, including the Millennials, the aged 50+ freelancers and, in addition, organisations want to employ more “free agents” and have less cost on the P&L (operational flexibility).

“Twentieth century organizations were designed for production and volume, not innovation and change”.

Kevin explored what the “employee of 2024” might look like:

Workers will choose projects, often working on two at a time, plus and they will follow a “project leader” from gig to gig.

  • They will want to choose where to work and often it will not be the office.
  • Much of the work will be done on mobile and several “employees” will collaborate “virtually”.
  • Pictures and video will replace a significant amount of traditional communication.
  • Automation will replace many traditional jobs… and this is set to continue at a greater pace.

“The Web is your CV and social networks are your references.”

So the impact on us:

  • Social influence becomes important.
  • Four most important tools in 2014: Pinterst, Facebook, Instargram and Twitter.
  • Social, Local and Mobile to become much more important.

“Recruiting becomes a DYNAMIC, Realtime, all-the-time, process of scanning, analyzing, and assessing for…”

Gerry Crispin – The Candidate Experience – The Road Less Travelled … it made all the difference.

Gerry discussed his US and UK Candi’s The Candidate Experience Awards and shared some of the results of research into the experiences of over 17,000 job seekers.

The first question Gerry posed was that most employers can’t agree on what a candidate is, so a question for any job board is: what do we define as a job seeker and a candidate? And what are the different “experiences” we should deliver to these different type of user?

He pointed out that the “candidate knows” and they know the moment they become one and their expectations form in that instant… what do your job seekers think of you and the “service” you deliver?

The research shows that job seekers are prepared to share any negative job searching experiences with an ever wider audience: between 60/70% will share with their inner community and 25% will share with their social community.

So the question for job boards is: if we are perceived to be delivering a poor experience i.e. poor job posting, non response to applications (The Black Hole) which we get the blame for, is our brand being undermined?

Gerry’s take on boards is:

  • We need to be more transparent and communicate more intelligently with job seekers.
  • Better promote organisations who deliver a better candidate experience on the site.
  • Allow job seekers to find and connect with recruiters.

Gerry shared more tips with Jobg8 and you can register to get access to the Event Presentations.

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