Session Three of the North American Job Board Summit

Our final session included three key industry topics.

Ratko Vidakovic from SiteScout talked about Real Time Bidding (intelligent traffic driving). We then welcomed David Donlan from HubSpot and his take on Integrated Marketing. Finally, from Joel Cheeseman, founder of and Drawmations, we had “How to use social media to drive new business”.

Ratko Vidakovic – Generating Traffic with Real Time Bidding

Ratko kicked off the session and explained what Real Time Bidding (RTB) is: an Open Auction for Each Impression. He also explained the difference between direct buys and RTB:

  • Direct buys – targeting inventory based on the context of the site.
  • RTB – since you’re looking at the characteristics of each impression or visitor, you can target specific audiences, no matter which sites they are on.

Another fundamental difference between direct buys and RTB is the level of certainty that your ad campaigns will receive the volume you want or need.

The key benefits were:

  • More accessible (depending on DSP)
  • Efficiency
  • Workflow (programmatic)
  • Pricing
  • Targeting (impression level)
  • Reach (unparalleled)

David Donlan – Using that database to find effective leads and sales

David, from HobSpot explained that they are all about integrated marketing solutions, including SEO, Blogging and Social Media, Lead Generation and Management, Email and Automation and, underpinning it all,  great analytics.

They adopt a “Content is King” approach to much of what they do, understanding that “search terminology” in recruiting is hugely important when writing your content and the headlines, to ensure good SEO, as well as creating call to actions, i.e. “download our White Paper Now”,  is a great way to get emails and generate new business leads.

David showed the opportunity to “stand out”: of the 233 members of the ASA only 18% are blogging, of the top 25 staffing agencies in the US only 8% are blogging.


  • Create Content Often About the Industry
  • Don’t Talk / Write about yourself
  • If you are the first to adopt, you are the thought-leader

Email was covered next and David urged the following;

  • Keep you data fresh and keep topping it up
  • Segment your data
  • Think Mobile (yes make your emails mobile friendly)

Finally David shared some great tips on building a sustainable recurring revenue model.

Joel Cheeseman – Better leveraging Social Media for your site

Our final presentation in this session was from Joel Cheeseman, looking at how to leverage social media for your site.

Joel started by saying that email is still king and 77% of consumers want to get their marketing message this way.

Leverage SEO smartly, use content to build SEO BUT also to engage and use “white paper” to farm email addresses.

He also pointed out:

  • Facebook, you can’t ignore it.
  • Twitter, 500m and growing, intelligent content in 140 characters.
  • LinkedIn, great new business tool + engage with your recruiter community there.

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