The Best Job Board Articles of the Month

As a business whose key clients are job boards, we are always on the lookout for interesting articles on or related to job boards. These are our favourites of the last month.

Half of employers don’t advertise a salary in job ads – including Google, HSBC and Ernst & Young

New research from job site reveals that more than 50% of UK employers do not publish salaries in their job advertisements. Google, HSBC and Ernst & Young are the country’s least transparent employers

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Hot: summer news of the job board world

It’s summer – hot, sultry, and full of online recruiting activity. Here in Iowa we’ve gone from spring floods to drought in just 45 days (looks like the floods moved to Missouri). So without further ado, let’s see what’s been happening in our industry:

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Finally, Job Boards Are Going Mobile… or Are They?

Last week, LinkedIn became the latest (and biggest) job board to jump into the mobile apply game with the introduction of a new feature allowing job seekers to apply for positions directly from their mobile devices. LinkedIn’s announcement was the latest in a seemingly daily deluge of new solutions, entrants and opinions on the mobile recruiting trend.

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Rebranding Job Boards

Having spent time at Monster in the content and social marketing game, but I still believe in job boards. And anyone who thinks they’re dead and deliberately ignores them as part of a holistic recruiting strategy is significantly more hindered in attracting top talent than those “old-school” HR professionals who perceive social media the same way the Puritans perceived witches.

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Job hunters hooked on job boards and newspapers despite social media

Are you still posting jobs in newspapers? Think it might be time to update your process? Don’t delete those newspaper contacts just yet – pulling the plug on newspaper ads could lose you half your applicants.

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LinkedIn Reports a Big Quarter, Surpasses Monster in Recruitment Revenue

LinkedIn this afternoon reported another amazing quarter, handily beating Wall Street’s expectations on every metric and surpassing Monster in recruitment revenue.

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And finally……

LinkedIn is Becoming More Like Facebook & Facebook is Becoming More Like LinkedIn

Facebook started as the personal page for students of American colleges. LinkedIn started as the professional page for their parents. With market caps of $58.78 billion and $19.97 billion, respectively, it is clear that both Facebook and LinkedIn have a come a long way over the last 8-9 years. But what have they become? Why do you log into each?

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