Job Board Updates

Despite it being summer, we at Jobg8 are seeing some great articles on job boards and our industry and are delighted to share our favourites with you.

Rise of the Anti-Recruiters

Enough with LinkedIn and email job spam. It’s time for recruiters to turn into matchmakers for developers and employers.

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Jobg8 says – a new generation Job Board?

`Apply with Monster’ Button Delivers Jaw Dropping Results

When Monster asked us to implement their ‘Apply with Monster’ button, I would describe our response as tepid.

In 2012 we’d implemented the LinkedIn and Indeed apply buttons, and the results were already so impressive we doubted there was a lot of upside from adding a third.
We were wrong. Completely and totally wrong.

Here is how a job page on ZipRecruiter looked after the `Apply with Monster’ button went live.

Monster Apply Button

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Jobg8 says – job boards work, a must read for any job boarder.

More money: thinking about your job board’s revenue

One of the most popular posts I’ve written is about generating revenue. So my readers are interested in making money – go figure! A smart blogger would have immediately written more posts about revenue (and I did write a few) – but I felt that the subject had been pretty well covered.

I’ve changed my mind. Although I stand by the original post, I’ve decided that it’s worth revisiting the subject – if only to open up your mind a bit.

When thinking about how your job board can make more money, it’s useful to think about the different ways your site is used:

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Jobg8 says – come and see Jeff, aka the Job Board Doctor, speak at the European Job Board Summit 2013.

Craigslist can use anti-hacking law to stop firm from scraping its data, court rules

Is it illegal to visit Craigslist when the site tells you not to? In a new ruling on a closely-watch case about data scraping, a federal judge suggested that start-up 3Taps violated an anti-hacking law by disguising its IP address.

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Jobg8 says – ones to watch out for and could have serious implications for aggregators?

Introducing the New Mashable Job Board

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new Mashable Job Board. If you’re searching for your dream job or looking to fish in a fresh candidate pool, check out the just-launched board now and see how we can help.

Our mission is to connect companies like these with our engaged readers who live and breathe all things digital. The new platform gives readers more opportunities to get noticed by employers and discover their open positions. Likewise employers now have greater flexibility to promote their job openings to Mashable’s 25 million monthly unique visitors and 11 million social followers.

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Jobg8 says – read our blog on “Back to the Future” on the power of content to build an audience.

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