The Jobg8 Summit Interview Series – Isabelle Hung

It is really a pleasure for me personally to have Isabella join us at the European Job Board Summit 2013. She comes from a job board background, Monster; and then went In-House at Yell and Harrods and was/is an “In-House Recruiting” evangelist. Today she works for the global RPO firm Alexander Mann Solutions and this gives her insight into every area of recruiting process and industry.

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Candid as ever, Isabella answers those questions that I’m sure you would love to have asked her and will share some great research at the summit.

Q – What is the “real definition” of RPO?

Alexander Mann Solutions is no ordinary talent management company – We deliver impactful business outcomes and we deliver them through a unique blend of consulting and outsourcing services. One of these services is called Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). The benefits offered by RPO have long been clear. It’s all about standardising and streamlining processes so we can increase efficiency as well as reduce cost.

Q – 5 reasons why companies go In-House & 5 reasons why they go the RPO route?


  1. Centralisation of resources
  2. Development of processes to create efficiencies
  3. Ownership of brand messaging
  4. Data integrity delivered in one place to enable commercial insights into defining costs and processes
  5. Lack of understanding of how to outsource and what is available


  1. Commercial costing model provides standardised budget to manage
  2. Flexibility to scale up and down according to needs of business
  3. Operational management of a large recruitment model can be easier to outsource with off-shore support, giving in-house teams opportunity to focus on business partnering and value-add services
  4. As a solution to remedying any operational failures, restructure or change management programme
  5. Outsourcing elements is becoming popular with companies that want to retain some elements of control

Q – LinkedIn vs. Job Boards – the key differences.

LinkedIn provides more aligned data than job-boards, both from job advertising and search of the network, allowing connections to be made even when individuals are not responding to adverts, becoming a directory of people that can support your business not just by becoming an employee – rich data is available to provide greater insights into people

Q – How has, in your view, recruiter behaviour changed towards Job Boards?

Job boards still remain a key element to any large companies sourcing channel investment, mainly due to the active marketplace at first to third job roles still searching through these routes, and equally some industries and functions not wishing to go via agency. However, measuring the success of the job-board is essential for everyone. Understanding how they are working against other sourcing channels is key.

Q – Sourcing “What is it?”

The ability to engage the right talent for your business, without disrupting the ability to leverage networks and connections, through technology and personal communication that provides your stakeholders with not just talent, but market insights and knowledge to define the future of their organisations.

Q – 5 Big Trends that you see in the market i.e. mobile, RPO, Employer Branding etc.

  • Social sourcing
  • Multiple platform interfaces (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Employer marketing and branding that defines culture and experience, not the job
  • Predictive analytics
  • Apply online

Once again huge thanks to Isabella. We hope you found these insights useful.

Keith Robinson is a regular contributor to the Jobg8 blog, co-produces the Jobg8 Summits and works with a range of job boards advising on strategy, NPD, marketing and NBD across Europe

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