Mobile it’s definitely part of the future

We were delighted to have mobile recruiting expert Dave Martin speaking at the European Job Board Summit 2013. Mobile is a key issue for the industry today and at our Summit in 2013 it was a hot topic for the Thought Leaders panel.

Dave Martin

Mobile traffic has continued to grow but it is universally agreed that the mobile apply or, a term I prefer, easy apply, has not been cracked.

Dave posed a few questions to illustrate the speed of change today, these included:

  • Who created the first CV 500 years ago? (I got it wrong!!)
  • What decade did the CV become expected for job applications?
  • Job boards initiated online applications… but when was the first one launched?
  • When was the first Smartphone launched?
  • When was the iPad launched?

Answers below:

  • Da Vinci
  • 60s
  • 1994
  • 2008
  • 2010

The rate of change is getting faster and faster.

The mobile is omnipresent! 67% of people don’t leave home without their smartphone and we keep today three things in our pockets: money, car keys and our mobile.

Why do people use their mobile? Browsing and “Apping”

Why do candidates use mobile? 80% of jobseekers say they would like to start their application from a mobile

Jobseekers expectations: nearly two thirds of jobseekers have tried to job search via a mobile.

Keith Robinson is a regular contributor to the Jobg8 blog, co-produces the Jobg8 Summits and works with a range of job boards advising on strategy, NPD, marketing and NBD across Europe.

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