What do our Candidates want? Asks Jeff Dickey-Chasins

Jeff Dickey-Chasins, aka The Job Board Doctor, likes to ask tough questions, most recently in a survey in the US. And yes, “What you think you know…may be well be wrong”, so get your own survey going.

Job Board Doctor

The jobseeker survey 2013 with a sample of 1,275 US jobseekers tells us how they found work.

The Job Board Doctor gave us some great but worrying insights. These are Jeff’s top-line takes:

What tools are used?

Random respondents relied more heavily on newspapers, search engines and general job boards:
General job boards – 59%
Search engines – 51%
Newspapers – 45%

Active seekers used more varied methods, at a higher usage level:
Job search engines – 74%
Company career sites – 70%
General job boards, Professional networks – 67%
Social media – 65%

Jeff then asked which tools are most important?

  • Referrals
  • Professional networks
  • Social media
  • Job search engines
  • Career sites

Additional insights in this area were that, when it came to platforms and how they are used, mobile devices are used for job search and employer research; desktop/laptops are used for creating CVs and applying for jobs.

When it comes to Job boards, what do seekers want from job boards and what really matters?

  • The quality of jobs
  • Better control of resume access
  • Ease of use
  • Site focus (niche wins clearly in this area)
  • A good reputation

Job Seekers were also asked what frustrates you about job boards?

Lack of response from employers (71%)
Fake job postings (64%)
Requiring registration to see jobs (58%)
Requiring payment to see jobs (55%)
Key Learnings:

  • Awareness = action: Active seekers use all career tools at a much higher level than the population at large
  • Old habits die hard: Almost half of random respondents use newspapers to find work
  • Mobile has its place: Used for job search and research – but desktops/laptops rule everything else
  • Referrals really work: Over 2/3rds of respondents have found jobs via a referral
  • Blame game: Lack of employer response to a job app bounces back on job board

So one question – are you doing a survey of your own? If not, why not? It’s great learning and its free!
Keith Robinson is a regular contributor to the Jobg8 blog, co-produces the Jobg8 Summits and works with a range of job boards advising on strategy, NPD, marketing and NBD across Europe.

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