Jobg8 – The Best Job Board Articles of the Month

Jobg8 – The Best Job Board Articles of the Month

We’re already into February and we’ve had a great start to the year with our businesses. We really are a barometer for the economy and confidence seems to be high amongst job boards.

As you all know we love to share great content at Jobg8. Please also take a look at our other favourite blogs from previous months.

Corporate workforces are becoming global, but talent management is not keeping paceIs it  hard to find a corporation that isn’t global?

Among our survey respondents, just 9% say that their workforce is based entirely in the country of their corporate headquarters. In three years’ time, this proportion will fall to 4%.

Yet those organizations with an overseas workforce of more than 60% score lowest on:

  • Adapting talent management to changes in the business environment
  • Understanding the relationship between talent and company performance
  • Investing in talent management

Jobg8 says – We live in a global world and candidates are increasingly mobile. A great piece of research.

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Coming to an office near you…The effect of today’s technology on tomorrow’s jobs will be immense—and no country is ready for it…

INNOVATION, the elixir of progress, has always cost people their jobs. In the Industrial Revolution artisan weavers were swept aside by the mechanical loom. Over the past 30 years the digital revolution has displaced many of the mid-skill jobs that underpinned 20th century middle-class life. Typists, ticket agents, bank tellers and many production-line jobs have been dispensed with, just as the weavers were.

For those, including this newspaper, who believe that technological progress has made the world a better place, suchurn is a natural part of rising prosperity. Although innovation kills some jobs, it creates new and better ones, as a more productive society becomes richer and its wealthier inhabitants demand more goods and services. A hundred years ago one in three American workers was employed on a farm. Today less than 2% of them produce far more food. The millions freed from the land were not consigned to joblessness, but found better-paid work as the economy grew more sophisticated. Today the pool of secretaries has shrunk, but there are ever more computer programmers and web designers.

Jobg8 says – Frightening stuff. Take a look at Keith Robinson’s (one of our regular contributors) presentation on this topic.

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Inside the Millennial Mind, From a Gen Y Recruiter

There have been many articles written about my generation — the millennials, or Generation Y — and the disconnect we have with employers. We’ve been called lazy, entitled, and even job-hoppers looking for the next best opportunity.

As a millennial myself, I view this as a rite of passage that each new generation experiences when they enter the workplace. There’s tension that exists between the newcomers and the veterans, and some negative stereotypes get all the attention. Like each generation, millennials have unique experiences and backgrounds that shape who we are, how we behave, and our expectations. Understanding these nuances will help employers see that many of us are driven and want to make a bright future for ourselves and our organizations. You just need to take the time understand how we engage and interact.

Jobg8 says – These are Job Boards ‘Future Candidates’ and they may want something different from us than we currently deliver.

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Job Boards: An Enduring, Evolving Recruitment Marketing Channel

Just as reports of Mark Twain’s demise were greatly exaggerated, such is the case with job boards. In fact, estimates on the size of the U.S. recruitment advertising market range anywhere from $3-$9 billion per year. Monster Worldwide recently reported taking in 1.2 million new resumes per month. CareerXroads’ 2013 Source of Hire Report found that almost 20% of external hires typically come from traditional job boards. That doesn’t even include the job board-like activity on social sites.

Jobg8 says – So true but is the issue us? Do we market ourselves smartly?

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And finally……

Top 10 Social Media Blogs: The 2014 Winners!

Our panel of social media experts carefully reviewed the nominees and finalists. Each of the social media blogs were analysed based on a number of factors, including content quality, post frequency and reader involvement.

With that in mind, here are 10 social media blogs to put at the top of your reading list.

Jobg8 says; Great list and we’d follow them all.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed these articles.


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