The Irish Job Board Market

The Irish Job Board Market

With a network of over 4500 job boards globally we’re always interested in what’s happening in the global markets. We intend to produce a series of blogs looking at specific markets around the world.

The Irish market is just on our doorstep and recently we found these great blogs on the market.

Irish Jobs Sites – what’s in the bag for 2014?

The recession had a very negative effect on the Irish job board industry. All the job boards are struggling. The number of jobs advertised in the last 5 years is lower than the number of Jobs advertised in a single year before the recession. All that is really happening in the jobs board space is sites that really never get any mileage. Most just lack the innovation really. Publishing and marketing a jobs board in 2014 and using the marketing channels of the ’90-es, does not work as well.

Excellent insights and one to read.

The Top 10 Irish Job Boards


This is part of a great post from the guys at Social Talent. The Top 10 Irish Board Boards in 2014. Read More.

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