What services could a Job Board offer?

During our European Job Board Summit last December we had a panel debate on exactly this topic. It created a lot of debate about what a Job Board is and also the type of services it therefore can/should deliver.

From the audiences reaction it seemed that in the larger “Western” recruitment markets the Job Boards very much see themselves as online classified recruitment. Therefore providing those classic job board services: postings, CV database, banners/button and email marketing. However what was interesting was the response from those running Job Boards in smaller markets or niche sectors. There is a much wider range of services were being offered here.

After the event the team at 52N, which was one of the Summit sponsors co-founded by an ex job board, Keith Robinson (myself) decided to do an audit of the services Job Boards provide. We did this with the team across Europe and below is the list of services we identified:

  1. Posting.
  2. Banners/button/job of the week.
  3. Branded email marketing.
  4. CV access – by offering.
  5. Up-sells (e.g. video, ATS links etc.)
  6. Screening services.
  7. Sourcing.
  8. Resourcing (e.g. CV search or social media – LinkedIn)
  9. Full cycle recruiting.
  10. Testing services (e.g. psychometrics).
  11. Branding, creative, design or career site builds.
  12. Employer branding or EVP development.
  13. ATS or other recruiting technology solutions.
  14. Event management e.g. general recruitment or graduate fairs.
  15. Social media management.
  16. Outplacement.

We’d like to say we were surprised at the range of services but we weren’t. Why? Because a Job Board is defined by the market it’s operating in, the competition, their client base and finally because they’re defined by the services they provide.

We are not saying what you should or shouldn’t offer but it is interesting to see what the industry is offering.

Keith Robinson is the co-founder of Integrated Resourcing Business 52N, the Central & Eastern European Recruiters Network and works with Jobg8 on producing the Job Board Summits.

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