Jobg8 Goes Mobile

We’re asked all the time about what we think of mobile recruiting. Our view is simple; it’s vital and is an increasingly important channel for communicating with your audience. Job seekers (and not just GenY) are mobile and browse for jobs on mobile devices including both phone and tablet. So it’s obviously an important part of the recruitment tool-kit. It’s vitally important to understand the developments in the channel. Below we’ve listed the 5 best mobile blogs (in our opinion) that will give you what you need to keep abreast with these developments.

Why In-House Recruiters are Embracing Mobile

Imagine if there was a way in which you could guarantee an increase in the number of quality applications by as much as 25% – plus increase the ROI of your existing recruitment budget? Or do you ‘simply’ need a solution to help you attract the hard-to-find talent that your hiring managers are demanding? Its 10 years since Facebook was launched to the world, 11 years since LinkedIn has been ‘connecting professionals worldwide’ and 17 years since the mobile phone became widely available. The growth of social media has been staggering, but so too has the widespread adoption of the mobile phone – more specifically smartphones. Indeed, more than half of mobile phone users state that their main means of accessing the internet is through their mobile phone. Against this backdrop, it is clear to see why ‘mobile recruiting’ is fast-becoming an indispensable tool for recruiters…. Read More

Jobg8 says – The answer to more and more recruitment projects is through mobile – simply because more people have “mobile” access than PC access to the internet. Also, job seekers have a history of searching for jobs when mobile (travelling) … newspapers!!

The implications for recruiters who do not embrace mobile

Have you noticed how just about everyone these days carries a smartphone or uses a tablet? Chances are strong that you use these devices yourself. They are now standard, meaning that even people who don’t use them to their full capacity, and even those who prefer entry level devices, are more likely to maintain internet connectivity during all their waking hours….. Read More

Jobg8 says – Good stuff from Mike Taylor on why you should embrace mobile… and why it won’t bite.

Mobile career apps heat up the war for talent

In the global “war for top talent,” companies are finding that they must live in the same world as their prospective employees. Right now, that world is not only online, it’s mobile, engaging both young and middle-aged candidates and companies of all sizes across all industries.

Now the next frontier for employers is integrating mobile into their social media recruiting strategy. Demand is sparking change. According to a survey, 3 out of 5 job seekers have searched for jobs on their mobile device in the past year, and 89 percent plan to use their mobile device in their job search in 2014. The “Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Study 2014″ cites millennials and younger workers as the majority of mobile job seekers….Read More

Jobg8 says – The millennials love mobile so ‘fish where the fish are’.

3 Essential Data Points for Mobile Recruiting

Mobile is quickly becoming a prerequisite part of your recruiting strategy. It’s integral to how organisations educate, engage, attract and ultimately capture candidates. And your candidate facing processes and recruiting investments need to work on any device a candidate uses – whether it’s computer or a mobile device (with the experience on each being seamless to one another).

However, the second and just as important step is measuring mobile’s impact on your strategy as a whole. By leveraging data, you can get a better understanding of the performance of your mobile efforts towards your total recruitment marketing strategy. So what should you be measuring? ….. Read More

Jobg8 says – Simply read this – it makes total sense and we like it a lot.

Marriott’s Latest Mobile Recruiting Supplier May Surprise You

A short update on Marriott. Since we’ve mentioned its 10 Days of Shoes” on Facebook; its career pages overhaul and its iPad application for Europe, the hotel chain is now out with a new “mobile apply” feature for mobile phones.

The feature is for smart phones and tablets, for both Marriott and the Ritz. It’s available in English, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, German, and Portuguese so far (with more languages planned for release in March)….Read More

Jobg8 says – Take a look at what a true ‘mobile’ thought-leader is putting into practice.

That’s it on ‘mobile’ for the next week or so.

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