The Best of the Employer Branding Blogs for February

Although we often hear that job boards are not directly involved with ‘Employer Branding’ we are frequently the first place that a job seeker touches/engages with an organisation brand.

So the team at Jobg8 thought it would be fun to share our roundup of the “Best of the Employer Branding Blogs” from the last 4 weeks. There has been some wonderful words of wisdom on a subject that sits at the core of any ‘serious’ employee and candidate engagement.

How one bad manager tried to crush Apple’s employer branding

When designer Jordan Price was offered a job at Apple, he was so ecstatic that he screamed the second he hung up the phone. Even his friends were similarly excited: on Facebook, “I got more likes when I announced that I got a job at Apple than when my daughter was born,” he said…. BUT read the rest to see just what happened next

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Jobg8 says – Your Employer Brand is defined by what others think. The way your internal custodians “manage your brand” is key to keeping its integrity.

Fortune’s top 100 employers for 2014: Google #1, Microsoft #86, as Apple, Facebook, and Twitter don’t make it

Fortune has released its list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2014, and the results are quite similar to last year. Google is in first place again, Microsoft is all the way down in 86th place, while AppleFacebook, and Twitter didn’t even make the cut…. so take a peek at who is winning the most favourable mindshare amongst employees and candidates

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Jobg8 says – All the usual suspects but some interesting movers up too – see the full list here.

52 Percent of Candidates Say Companies Fail to Meet Expectations

It happens all the time: candidates who seem good on paper often fail to live up to their potential in person. Yet, employers can be guilty of the same, as findings from CareerBuilder’s Candidate Behaviour Study indicate.

In what may be an indication that companies are failing to live up to their employment brands, when asked about their experience applying to jobs, 52 percent of candidates said they disagreed with the following statement: “My interaction with the companies I have applied to matches what I expected based on their reputations.”

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Jobg8 says – 52 may naturally appear to be a positive number to us BUT it’s clearly bad for you and your employer brand if you are in this particular 52%.

The candidate journey and employer brand

Much time is spent encouraging and coaching candidates to create and present a ‘Personal Brand’: a competitive personal proposition that will make the right impression on potential employers. But many organisations are not as in touch as they should be with their employer brands. By that I mean ‘how they are perceived not just by current employees, but by prospective candidates’. For many the concept of employer branding is some part of a passing social media fad which will be replaced by the next fashionable trend within weeks. To others it’s the domain of large conglomerates with massive budgets

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Jobg8 says – A great synopsis – and a clear call to action.

10 Quick Tips to Build Your Employer Brand

Attracting and retaining talent should be part of every business strategy, and a large part of this strategy revolves around your employer brand. Intelligent use of the web and other digital channels allows a company to reinforce a positive brand message through the use of social media, review sites (such as Glassdoor) and corporate blogs. Continually improving and enhancing your brand will complement any recruitment efforts – and help build an engaged workforce. Below are 10 quick tips on the areas you should be paying particular attention to when planning and implementing your employer branding strategy.  Read More

Jobg8 says – Good practical tips and well worth the read.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to this critical debate in February – we’ll be back at the end of March with the best of next month’s offerings.

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