Talking Mobile at The Job Board Summit 2014 – North America

Mobile Recruiting is one of the hot topics at the moment and therefore we’ll be covering it at the Jobg8 North American Job Board Summit. Instead of “death by powerpoint” we’ve pulled together a panel of mobile recruiting experts including Dave (“Mr Mobile”) Martin, co Founder of Three Sparks and all round mobile vet, Dave Tuttle from AppVault. There’ll also be a guest from Madgex, of which the exact details will be announced soon.

They will each do a short 5 minute overview of the mobile recruiting market and what to expect next. There will then be a Q&A session where you can ask those compelling questions that might help shape your mobile business strategy.

Dave Martin:

3 Key points to avoid Google Analytic Mistakes

I hear this phrase way too frequently, “I have looked at my Google Analytics and no one applies using mobile, I don’t see a need to invest further in mobile recruiting“. This is a mistake and here is why…..Read More

Top 4 mobile optimisation tips

I recently blogged a ‘tear down’ of an award winning mobile career website. It was an eye opener at how poorly the site was constructed and how much candidate potential was being lost from the site being slow.

Here is are my top 4 learnings when it comes to mobile optimisation….. Read More

We also like this page from Madgex:

The impact of tablets on job boards

The tablet has seen its status change dramatically over the last two years. The release of the first iPad in 2010 saw the tablet pinned as simply another gadget that would be adopted by commuters and those with a taste for excess. Predictions followed the thinking that tablets would mainly be used on the move, utilising 3G technology in a similar manner to smart phones. However, industry predictions proved misleading. At the close of 2013 tablets were on the cusp of exceeding desktop sales, with most usage happening within the home from a Wi-Fi connection, seeing tablets become an alternative to the desktop…. Read More

The following topics will be covered on the subject of Mobile Recruiting:

◦ The Herd is on the Move: How to keep up with the mobile job seekers

◦ 500,000 Mobile job applications In only 6 months!

◦ Mobile Recruiting and Job application is becoming a norm

◦ Mobile Phones and the evolution of digital recruitment

◦ 5 Reasons your Company’s Mobile Recruitment strategy is failing

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