The Workplace of the future and the future of Work

Today recruitment is increasingly about matching those with the right skills. Not just to the right job but also the right culture. So many company cultures can be defined by the Workplace, so we thought we’d share our favourite articles on the topic.

We’ve found 5 great blogs on the subject….

The Illusion of Workforce Planning: Why Traditional Models Don’t Work Any more

How economies struggle with uncertainty and as work and workers seem to be in flux, HR and recruiting departments are focused on how to plan the workforce. Many questions are being asked: What kind of skills will we need? For how long? Should we hire for those skills or develop them?

Retailers are trying to forecast how many associates and store managers they will need in the face of growing automation and online shopping, manufacturing is looking at the impact of robotics, and everyone is concentrating on finding management talent. PowerPoint slide decks team with formulas and numbers forecasting a certain amount of turnover and a certain level of recruiting focused on replacements, as well as on growth….. Read More

Jobg8 says – Written by our favourite author on this topic, the wonderful Kevin Wheeler really nails the issue and is this a must read.

‘Hacked’ Offices: The Future of Workplace Design?

What does the workplace of the future look like? Shawn Gehle, of Gensler, explains in this TEDx Talk that with over 10 billion square feet of existing office space in North America, we may not even need to envision new buildings. Rather, by “hacking” existing buildings, architects can transform them into something completely new. For more on Gensler’s “hacker” philosophy, read our article here.

Employer Branding- The Rise of the Machines

The workforce is going through another major revolution that will have a fundamental impact on the way society lives and works. Just as the shift of responsibility moved from the state to the individual around 30 years ago, giving up new levels opportunity and personal choice to many, today’s technological revolutions is providing the onrushing generation of employees with a whole new set of expectations that eager organisations will need to meet to snap up the best talent…… Read More

Jobg8 says – We can definitely see this happening.
Coming to an office near you… The effect of today’s technology on tomorrow’s jobs will be immense—and no country is ready for it

INNOVATION, the elixir of progress, has always cost people their jobs. In the Industrial Revolution artisan weavers were swept aside by the mechanical loom. Over the past 30 years the digital revolution has displaced many of the mid-skill jobs that underpinned 20th-century middle-class life. Typists, ticket agents, bank tellers and many production-line jobs have been dispensed with, just as the weavers were.

For those, including this newspaper, who believe that technological progress has made the world a better place, such churn is a natural part of rising prosperity. Although innovation kills some jobs, it creates new and better ones, as a more productive society becomes richer and its wealthier inhabitants demand more goods and services. A hundred years ago one in three American workers was employed on a farm. Today less than 2% of them produce far more food. The millions freed from the land were not consigned to joblessness, but found better-paid work as the economy grew more sophisticated. Today the pool of secretaries has shrunk, but there are ever more computer programmers and web designers…. Read More

7 Predictions for the future of work

Everything you thought you knew about the workplace is already outdated.
Gone are the days when decisions were made from the top down and when all anyone was expected to do was simply “their job.” As a Corporate Anthropologist, I study the cultures of organizations–how they evolve and intersect with what’s happening right now, and how the people in them influence and shape their communities…. Read More

Jobg8 says – We like this article a lot and YES COLLABORATION WILL BE THE NORM

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