The Best Job Board Articles of the last month

Here’s our latest update on the best Job Board articles from around the globe!

You’re building your brand – whether you realize it or not

What is a brand? Well, I think (at least in the online recruiting world) we’ve moved past the original meaning: to burn a mark on an animal. The purpose of this type of branding was to indicate ownership – and prevent theft.

Jump forward a hundred years. In the early days of mass marketing, vendors needed an easy way to distinguish their products from the dozens of others crowding store shelves. The answer: putting a distinctive name on the product (the ‘brand’), like Coca-Cola, to set it off from the other caramel-colored bottled drinks. Thus, “a brand is simply the non-generic name for a product that tells us the source of the product.”… Read More

Jobg8 says – We agree…Job Boards need to be a brand.


Results of the 2014 Job Board Trends survey are in!

A few months back, almost two hundred job board owners, operators, and employees took the 2014 Job Board Trends survey. This project, a joint effort of IAEWS and Job Board Doctor, focuses on what is really going on in the job board and online recruiting industry – traffic, spending, technology, and more. We asked you about all aspects of your business – what works and doesn’t work, where things are going, and how you feel about the future. Here are some of the highlights…. Read More

Jobg8 says – Great research from Jeff aka The Job Board Doctor. He’ll a keynote speaker at our North American Job Board Summit in June.


LinkedIn’s Job Suggestions Will Show Jobs at Your Own Company

What’s now an old standby — the “jobs you may be interested in” on LinkedIn — is getting a tweak.Companies with 100 or more job slots can now do what LinkedIn’s calling “Internal Job Recommendations.”…Read More

Jobg8 says – Could/should Job Boards offer this? We say yes.



Who Owns Data 8: Trouble With Linkedin’s Lawsuit

In January 2014, Linkedin filed a lawsuit against unknown defendants claiming that someone was creating fake accounts so they could exceed Linkedin’s allotted page view limits and take information from user profiles. Linkedin claims unauthorized use of Linkedin’s computers, copyright violations, and breach of its Terms and Conditions. A copy of the lawsuit is here.…. Read More

Jobg8 says – Data and who owns it is a huge issue for us all… but is it about what the candidate wants?

We hope you enjoyed this update and look forward to seeing you at our North American Summit. We’ll also soon be announcing our European Summit details in the next two weeks!

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