The Job Board Summit – Our speakers…Speak

This is the first in our series of pre-event interviews with our speakers at the North American Job Board Summit. It’s great to be talking to our Summit friend Jeff Dickey–Chasins aka the Job Board Doctor.

Job Board Doctor
Job Board Doctor

Jeff’s talk is on the hot topic of “What’s Going On” with the recruiting economies of the world and very much being led my North America Jeff is seeing new models, new opportunities and ideas everywhere. Here is an overview of what Jeff will cover;

  • Core functionality in many regards hasn’t changed – these sites and services are still trying to connect candidates to employers (and vice versa). The difference is in the execution and (sometimes) presentation.
  • Matching technology – (regardless of how well it works) Is presented over and over as a differentiator for these sites.
  • Common barriers to success haven’t changed much in 20 years – you still need to get the attention of enough candidates to generate interest from employers. Branding and SEO rule.
  • Niche focus continues to be a common element in many of these sites, regardless of their technology or products. Makes sense – going niche usually increases the likelihood of startup success. Mobile is a given. Several of these sites only operate in the mobile world.
  • Design matters. I’m talking visual and functional design. The days are long gone where you can ignore the actual ‘look and feel’; consider this the Apple effect.


I’ll of course be delving into the specific sites in more depth during my talk, but one thing seems clear to me: there is no dearth of companies willing to tackle the challenge of online recruiting. If we judge the health of an industry by the number of start-ups springing up, then you have to believe that the job board industry is thriving!  But remember – don’t call these companies ‘Job Boards’. That’s old school.


With all the global consolidation activity in the Job Board word i.e. Dice and Seek acquiring job boards, Monster becoming a “solutions business” we’re also seeing (as Jeff says) a lot of new players in the Job Board Aggregation and People Aggregation space. We’re looking forward to Jeff’s insights.

Join us at the North American Job Board Summit, June 26th-27th Orlando. Book your ticket now and don’t miss out!

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