The Job Board Confidence Survey

Would you like the chance to celebrate the incredible success that Job Boards are enjoying today?

As the world’s largest Job Board Network, with over 3500 partners we understand that both our partners and ourselves are at the heart of the e-recruiting system.
Every day millions of job seekers visit job boards and seek employment or career opportunities, yet the ‘recruiting  blogging fraternity’ write we ‘are dead or in terminal decline’.

job-source-3At Jobg8 we decided that we need to start celebrating the current success of the Job Board industry.

But how do we share success? Take 10 minutes to complete our Job Board Confidence Index Survey and we’ll share the results at our North American (June 2014) and European (November 2014) Job Board Summits. The results will be shared to our social channels and blogging communities. They will also be provided to you in PDF format for you to share.

So please share your success! Click Here to complete your survey now!

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