The Job Board Summit Interview Series – Joe Stubblebine

Jobg8 are delighted to introduce one of our Summit Moderators, Joe Stubblebine. You can find his full profile on the speakers page of our website. Joe will be hosting our Mobile Expert Panel and works at as a senior executive.

Joe Stubblebine
Joe Stubblebine

As well as moderating at the event, Joe has also agreed to answer to take part in a pre-event Q&A session,

His answers give real insights and the good news is that his favourite band is U2 and not Justin Beiber, one of our less relevant questions!

You will be able to post your own question for Joe and the Mobile Panel on Twitter using #jobg8summit.

Jobg8 – We are seeing a global recovery – as a leading Job Board business in the US what is your take on the recovery?

Joe – US companies in mid-market & enterprise are certainly spending more than they have in the past on recruiting\sourcing tools, and buyers seem to generally be more educated on the different type of offerings (i.e. job boards, aggregators, people aggregators, etc.). As more Recruiters and HR folks start to embrace the concept that recruitment IS marketing, they’re becoming smarter with measuring performance and using this data to make online recruitment advertising decisions.

Jobg8 – You are in close contact with both Job Seekers and Recruiters. Why do they still use Job Boards?

Joe – Certainly, traditional job boards and career sites are continuing to be a strong traffic source for job postings because of their huge repository, established business models and their pre-existing relationships with customers. As long as job boards continue to perform by providing views, clicks, applies and hires, and keep costs are in line with other effective tools in our marketplace today, customers will continue to use them, regardless if they’re selling flat-fee or performance-based job postings.
Jobseekers care about the UI, ease-of-apply, and job content, so job sites that have a breadth of jobs and make it intuitively easy to find, view, manage and apply to jobs will continue to be a go-to source when looking for new career opportunities.

Jobg8 – Competition is strong today with other Job Boards, Niche plays around community i.e. Stackoverflow, LinkedIn, Aggregators, PeopleAggators, Referral Programs…. all taking money potentially from us, which of them concern you the most?

Joe – Generally speaking, there are two distinct sources of candidates; those from job postings, and those that are sourced manually. LinkedIn has dominated–and will continue to dominate–the sourcing space, and Facebook is still a sleeping giant for candidate sourcing. With regard to people aggregators – a living, changing career profile is worth more than a static aging resume to recruiters. Monster’s recent purchase and integration of people aggregator, TalentBin, signals that job boards will also need to follow suit with ensuring that they keep the data on their candidates current and relevant. Job Boards will continue to evolve and change and will adopt (or aquire) new business models to remain competitive as the marketplace.

Jobg8 – How important is mobile to your business and how are you taking advantage of the opportunity?

Joe – At, 38% of our traffic comes from mobile, and we’ve made huge effort to build pages that use responsive design. We have a huge team of people that are constantly building and enhancing’s mobile apps, as well as those we build for our clients. We’ve focused on ensuring that both our web site and our email communications are mobile-friendly. We’ve also integrated texting into our offerings to help employers reach candidates quickly, and we’re seen good results on text recruiting campaigns. We’ve found that mobile recruitment campaigns generally have better conversion rates than desktop campaigns, result in good quality applicants and command a higher price point.

Jobg8 – Are you seeing any new post recession “job seeking trends” i.e. the Job Seekers sourcing a job or background checking the employer i.e. Glassdoor. What’s your take on ‘what next’.

Joe – I think that all of us in the online recruitment marketplace are thinking 3-5 years ahead of the average jobseeker\employer.  There are still many jobseekers that have never even heard of Indeed, or don’t understand the importance of building out a profile on LinkedIn.  Jobseekers will need to continue to evolve their approach to think like a “sales guy”–branding and selling themselves as the product.  Jobseekers need to become more proficient at using tools like LinkedIn, Indeed, GlassDoor,,, ZoomInfo, etc., as lead prospecting tools so they can reach directly into the company to build a relationship with the person who will eventually be their boss.  Most jobseekers still apply to single job postings, and practice the “apply and pray” philosophy without following up via email, phone or social to begin the process of building the relationship with the person behind the posting.

Jobg8 – Finally what 3/5 KPI’s/Dashboards items do you check everyday before you leave the office.

Joe – KPI’s are a big deal at, and we review them monthly based on goals we’ve established at the beginning of the year. There are literally hundreds of them that we track, including site performance data, conversion data, apply data, etc. Most of my individual KPIs are focused in marketing goals and strategic alliance partnership goals.
Recently, has expanded my role to include management responsibility of our Northeast division of Employer Sales, so I now focus a lot of my time reviewing KPIs on sales & marketing campaigns, strategic alliance lead to revenue conversations, and pipeline activity in SalesForce.

Finally favourite Band
By far…best band on the planet: U2.

It’s not too late to purchase your ticket to The Job Board Summit 2014 – North America. Make sure you are represented and Book now.

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