Revolution, Evolution and Much More.. Day two

Day Two at the North American Job Board Summit

A hot night, a storm and a great networking cocktail party ended Day One.

Day Two kicked off with the return of Steve Carter (VP of Matching at eHarmony). In 2013 Steve shared his thoughts on how eHarmony built a successful dating business through highly intelligent matching and why they have been looking at the recruitment market.

We invited Steve back to look at the progress they have made over the last 12 months. What became clear is the huge amount of data they are drilling down into so they can build this “Bi – Directional” Matching engine. They aim to match job seekers to jobs + “cultures” but also match jobs and cultures to individuals which positions eHarmony as a much more of a careers site as opposed to the more transactional job board.

eHarmony are talking to tens of thousands of organisations to build out the data set to achieve the above. Steve confirmed that a product will be taken to market before the year end…… so watch this space…

Competition and new business models was the theme of Jeff Dickey-Chasins (The Job Board Doctor) presentation and he shared an excellent list of new start-ups with insights into each. Here’s a list of a few of them and more can be found at Jeff’s blog Here plus you can Download the presentation;

Our final presentation which shared some great data came from Josh Gampel (President of Recruitics) and here are some of our favourite bits:

  • US online recruitment market $6bn and Rest of the World together is only $20bn
  • IAB figures in the US show that 65% of Ad Spend online used a performance price model.
  • US Recruitment ad spend is forecast to grow by 5% PA over the next 5 years
  • 95% of Fortune 500 companies do not have a mobile optimized career site
  • 2018 Projected Recruitment Media Spend.= $11.4 Billion or $7 Billion Online

Josh also shared 5 reports that any Job Board should create:

  • Job Level Analytics
  • Conversion Buckets
  • Company Spend and Performance
  • Source Tracking
  • Trending Reports

Fact; 82% of the recruitment marketing budget was spent on 49% of the jobs which drove only 2% of the total applications…. wow.

The day concluded with our insightful Thought Leaders Panel which highlighted the following:

  1. Let’s try to Keep It Simple
  2. Look after the 80% who are happy
  3. Focus on the metrics
  4. Recruitment is Local
  5. Content yes BUT relevance is just as important – look at Indeed its content is “JOB” and lots of them
  6. We must deliver better “Data” and Dash Boards
  7. What are the “big issues” we need to keep our eye on? Legislation, The Future of Work etc..

What a great day and a great conference. We hope that all attendees found the event beneficial. We love you hear what you have to say about our events. Please give us your feedback by clicking here.

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