10 Things The Job Board Summit Got Us Thinking About

The North American Job Board Summit took place on the 27th-28th June and time always helps to distil and shape your thoughts. We thought we’d share some of our post summit thoughts.

  1. If some of our customers want more than candidates, are they prepared to pay for it and how do we productise it?
  2. If data is ‘becoming King’ do we charge for data but give away job postings?
  3. Our clients only connect with those who apply but what about the 30 who looked at the posting but didn’t apply?  The perfect candidate may have looked but not replied. Can we monetize this?
  4. Why do we charge the same price for posting an IT job or Healthcare job (very hard to fill) verses a much easier position to fill (where you get too many applications) – develop a supply and demand led differential pricing model?
  5. What business are we in? …. Today it’s about aggregating jobs, people and content, where do Job Boards fit in?
  6. If our job is to generate response/candidates could/should job boards incorporate “referrals” as part of marketing strategy?
  7. 7. Is the term Job Boards now a “brand negative” and what can we do to “redefine” the term?
  8. Every week (somewhere in the world) there is a blog on “How to Make LinkedIn Work” or “Using Social Media to Recruit” when was the last time you saw an article on “How to Make Job Boards Work for You” or a related subject other than “writing better copy”?
  9. If the nature of work is changing and the move is to Freelance, Part-Time, Interim, Contract etc how can job boards respond?
  10. If 80% of our customers are happy, why do we worry and pay so much attention to the “noisy” 20% who aren’t?

We aren’t saying that any of these points are right or wrong, they are merely just food for thought. What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts.. please email us at marketing@jobg8.com.



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