Doug Monro – Aggregation, Job Boards and industry trends

doug_monroI met with Doug at his new office in West London last week to talk about Aggregation, Job Boards and Key Industry trends. Plus he shared some cool data points with me!

Previously COO of Zoopla and MD of Gumtree, today Doug is Co-Founder of Adzuna, a Job Search Engine designed to help match people to more fulfilling jobs.
Doug is moderating our ‘Thought Leaders Panel’ at The Job Board Summit 2014 – Europe and he is more than qualified to do so.

Q – Where do you see the aggregation market today?

Although it has grown hugely in last few years, it feels like the job search market is still in its early days, a bit like Job Boards in the late 1990’s. Functionality is still very basic, while some players have fallen away others have appeared.

It feels like many of the search engines (except Adzuna of course!) are quite commoditised and that the landscape is changing fast. Indeed are clearly the biggest player thanks mostly to an incredible SEO footprint, but their product offering still feels quite basic.

I think there are still huge opportunities around building brands and a better candidate experience.

Q – Is it the only way for Job Boards to survive?

No! We see lots of healthy, growing Job Boards – most of whom are our customers – and we are helping them grow their audience and business. Job Boards with strong brands, who offer great product experiences and innovate, will continue to thrive, although some may need to evolve their business models over time.

Q – Should Job Boards move to PPC, CPA models?

The critical thing is to make sure you are delivering value to your customers. That could be via current pricing or performance based. My previous business Zoopla is almost entirely subscription based, but they track carefully the cost per enquiry they are delivering from that subscription fee, as do their customers.

In my view, the way you charge and the way you are measured need to be closely aligned and tracked, but don’t always have to be the same.

At Adzuna, we charge on a cost per click basis, but we measure the quality of those clicks carefully, and we know our customers always measure us on quality and conversion rate to application, not just volume of clicks.

Q – Any interesting trends amongst UK Job Seekers you’ve observed in the last six months/year?

Mobile continues to grow and grow, and people are finally changing their sites and application processes to be more mobile friendly, but it still feels like we are moving slowly as an industry to meet demand.

Candidates are increasingly savvy, with a thirst for more data on salaries and career options.

Email marketing seems to be becoming less effective, probably because we all send so much of it!

Q – Any big data trends you can share?

• Record levels of vacancies advertised – over 1 million on Adzuna UK – for the first time in October.

• Our latest monthly jobs report to come out next week will show:


1. The number of advertised vacancies in the UK edged up 0.1% month on month in September 2014, to 906,191.
2. Competition for available jobs has fallen to 1.02 job seekers per vacancy based on falling unemployment and rising vacancies, highlighting the possibility the UK could see as many vacancies as job seekers this year.
3. Both of these combine to mean the onus is very much on Job Boards to optimise their marketing strategies moving into 2015, honing their ability to drive high quality candidate traffic to their ads.


1. Advertised salary growth soaring – up 9% in last 6 months to £34,695 – after being flat to down for a long time.
2. Sectors also interesting: Customer services, manufacturing and trade and construction all seeing pay rates rising quickly – with marketing and retail moving in other direction.

Q – What’s next for Adzuna?

Our big news this week is that Adzuna Australia has more than doubled in size overnight, as our partners Fairfax have redirected their Job Board MyCareer to be part of Adzuna Australia going forward.

Other than that, it’s a lot more of the same for us – focusing on a great user experience through coverage of job listings content, useful data, personalisation, and matching users better to the most relevant jobs. We’re aiming for continued growth in UK and still see big untapped opportunities in our international markets in Europe and beyond.

A huge thanks to Doug!

If you want to hear more on the subjects discussed above and many more, join us at The Job Board Summit 2014 – Europe.

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