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Ken Levinson is a US, Florida based recruitment and Job Board vet and has great insights into the world of content. Today he is advising consultant to a new start-up, Enchanted Careers, and took time out from his busy schedule at the IAEWS Conference in Las Vegas this week to be interviewed.

Q: Ken, as an experienced industry visionary, I know you have a tremendous passion for helping Job Boards and their talent acquisition clients to improve their online recruitment content. How did this passion develop and why is this so important to you?

As the Founder of Absolutely Health Care, the largest niche Job Board for USA based health care and medical jobs, which is now part of the HealthJobsNationwide Network, and Medical Mingle, a large social network for those who work in and support the health care and medical industry, I’ve seen a wide variety of online recruitment content, including job postings, social media, messaging, and corporate web sites.

I can tell you without hesitation that most of the online recruitment content I’ve seen has been downright boring and ineffective, causing companies and recruiters to lose out on attracting many of the brightest and most desirable candidates, as well as damaging their brand. As a 17 year recruiting veteran at the beginning of my 35+ year career in the talent acquisition field, looking at much of this content always made me wonder how recruiters who posted this drivel could honestly call themselves recruiters.

Of extreme importance to each employment website is the fact that, no matter how bad the job postings are, clients almost always blame the employment website, when these postings don’t meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

At Absolutely Health Care, we worked with great passion to help our clients to improve their online recruitment content, and saw first-hand what a huge difference the improved content made in enhancing both the job seeker experience, as well the results of our client companies. Caring about our user experiences and client results were well rewarded by being named as WEDDLE’s Users Choice Award Winner for eight years in a row. Though I sold Absolutely Health Care in 2011 (I’m still affiliated as a Consultant), the passion to help companies and recruiters to improve their online recruitment content was firmly ingrained in me, and is stronger today than ever before.

Q: In the area of online recruitment content, is there, in your view, a disconnect between Jobs Boards today, their talent acquisition clients, and their candidates?

Absolutely, Keith! In speaking with employment website operators, I’ve found that the concern about quality online recruitment content is often lackadaisical, at best. It’s as if many operators just don’t care about the content that appears on their site or have given up in trying to improve it, even if the jobs are not producing and the employment web site is being blamed.

Where is the fight in our industry? Jobs seekers will enjoy using your site a lot more when the quality of job postings has improved. Client companies will have better results, you’ll have a better client retention rate, a better reputation, and you will receive more new client inquiries, because of it. If you’re one of those who haven’t cared about content or have given up on trying to improve it, you are simply shooting yourself in the foot. The great thing is that it’s never too late to change.

Q: Can you give me an overview of Enchanted Careers? Its target audience, the gap it fills?

To discuss all of this here would be a rather long answer, but I’ll do my best to keep it reasonably brief, while providing links to resources, which will provide more detailed information, if desired.

Enchanted Careers, LLC is a leading edge company that helps recruiters, companies, employment websites, recruitment related vendors, and job/opportunity seekers in a number of different ways.

Enchanted Careers, LLC provides résumé writing services, online recruitment content training, offerings from a network of partners, & extra income/self-employment opportunities.
For those who enjoy something visual, we welcome you to view a two minute top level overview about Enchanted Careers, LLC at

Our Flagship service, the Post Perfect Training Program, Gold Award Winner of the 2014 Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (click here to learn more), teaches companies/recruiters to improve their recruiting image, while posting jobs in a manner that 95% of job seekers prefer, and to which top candidates would be 19 times more likely to apply. The is a one of a kind, multidimensional learning experience, which we are so sure will help our clients, that we offer a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee.
This is a specific page we created with information about Post Perfect for Job Boards/Employment Web Sites.

On September 15, 2014, we started to build The Recruiting Shop, which will be a shop where people can find products and services to assist them with recruiting. The shop will launch in the fourth quarter of 2014. We are essentially taking offerings from a network of partners, and placing those offerings related to talent acquisition onto their own site. We’re really excited about this concept for many reasons, and have created a web page that discusses the concept in more detail.

Our vision and mission is really quite simple: to provide first-rate services that help people, and to build as big a distribution network as we can, to positively impact as many people as possible.

As far as the gaps that we fill, we offer:

• Opportunities to improve job seeker content (résumés) and recruiter/company online recruitment content (including job postings), which of course automatically improves the content found on employment web sites/Job Boards.

• Employment web sites/Job Boards, recruiters, and other vendors who offer products and services to the talent acquisition community to attain more business by being a part of our partner program and upcoming site, The Recruiting Shop.

• Everyone an opportunity to help others and help themselves, by becoming a part of our strategic alliance/affiliate program. As far as we’re concerned, every employment web site/Job Board, recruiter, other vendor who offer products and services to the talent acquisition community, and opportunity seeker should become a part of this program, for many reasons.

Some great insights and a unique proposition!

The Jobg8 team would like to thank Ken for supporting the summits and sharing knowledge, ideas and of course content.

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