The Job Board Summit 2014 – Europe: The Workshops

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This year’s summit has continued to evolve with its agenda growing beyond what we’ve ever had before. Last year’s feedback included; more sessions on Europe, more time to debate and smaller sessions to drill down into subjects. So this year our day one workshops focus on exactly these issues and deliver smaller, more open sessions.

These sessions cover a range topics and in this blog we give a few insights on what to expect from each.

Job Board challenges and opportunities in the DACH region

With a population of 100m, 3000 plus Job Boards and a media value of €1bn + the German, Swiss and Austrian region is a true power house in the recruitment and Job Board industry. Yet often it is one of the most misunderstood so our regional experts Wolfgang Brickwedde and Eva Zils try to demystify their region. They will look at:

• The Recruitment Markets – What’s going on? Who’s doing what? and some future forecasts.
• The Job Board Markets – Some excellent insights into the market, who’s on the up and who’s slipping down with some unique marketshare data.
• What are candidates doing in the region – How, why, who and when are they using Job Boards?
• Challenges to Job Boards in the Region – From Aggregators like Indeed and Adzuna to Business Networks like LinkedIn and Xing. Who’s doing what to whom?
• Job Board Technology – With Madgex they look at the ‘Future Job Board’ and why it’s about technology. Plus the business model that you need to think about.

A great session ahead and some exclusive insights into the German Job Board Market.

What’s new in France?

This session is led by Yves Loiseau and Romain Herbeau. Yves has experience of matching technology, as country MD of leading recruitment technology vendor Textkernal and Romain is Director of Sales at leading French/European multi-posting vendor

They will give an overview of the French recruitment market, which historically has been one of the most sophisticated in Europe, with a strong tradition of Employer Branding, excellent recruitment marketing and attraction and use of multimedia channels.

Romain has already shared some excellent insights with us:

• Worldwide 50% of all Job Boards are niche/industry specific.
• 7% are aggregators.
• In Europe we have a higher than the global average of General Job Boards; 30% in Europe v 12% globally.
• 10% focus on a geographical area.
• Less than 20% of Job Boards worldwide have an iPhone application.

Again the guys will discuss the threats specific to the French market. Indeed, LinkedIn, Viadeo (the local business network in France) and pricing models are all on the agenda.

The Benelux Region Challenges

Although one of the smaller recruitment markets in Europe these markets have been, and remain, highly sophisticated with a rich mix of Job Boards, social networks and technology vendors. Paul Stuurman, founder of Knollenstein Technologies (leading posting solution) with his new launch, Apply Anywhere, and Rene Bolier Partner at OnRecruit talk about the Benelux market.

Business networks are huge in Holland and LinkedIn took off incredibly fast becoming one of the most successful markets in terms of penetration of population in the world. How has the rise of social and business networks impacted Job Boards in the market?

Free or FreeMium boards such as JobBird equally had a big impact on the market and Job Boards in the region continue to develop disruptive models; why is this and what learning can we draw from these developments?

Finally the In-House recruiting structure is well developed in the Benelux region and use of career sites, employer branding etc are a key area of the market. Paul and Rene share insights into how Job Boards have responded to these opportunities and challenges.

UK Now

Our UK session is led by two Job Board industry vets, both are true entrepreneurs. Lee Biggins Founder of CV Library and Ian Partington CEO of Simply Jobs Group will focus on the Job Board Market and the guys will engage with you on a wide range of subjects, including:

• Aggregation – good or bad? Opportunity or threat?
• Future Pricing Models – Posting v PPC v CPA. What pricing models might work for you?
• Mobile – CVLibrary get 40% + of their traffic from a mobile device but the apply online experience isn’t up to standard.
• Fixed price models – this started as a UK issue but they are now popping up all over Europe. Does the model make sense for Job Boards or is it just space broking?
• Both the guys have been looking at or are operating in the U.S and they share some experiences of taking the business International.

Should be a fun session and great debates will be had.

Focus U.S.A

Faith Rothberg, CEO of the highly successful College Recruiter is joining us. A great friend of Jobg8’s, Faith has supported our North American Summits from the start and we are delighted that Faith is joining us in Europe.

Faith is going to share her take on the U.S market, looking at:

• The U.S Recruitment Market today – key data points etc.
• Job Boards U.S.A – what’s going on? Who’s doing what? What new players are out there?
• The Job Board Challenge – From LinkdedIn to Indeed, how are U.S Job Boards competing with these and other challenges?

LinkedIn ‘A deep dive’

At our last two summits, European and North American, Isabelle Hung has shared her own insights into LinkedIn. Four months ago Isabelle moved into the role of EMEA Director of Talent Acquisition at the global HR Solutions business ADP. We’ve had many requests to bring Isabelle back, so Isabelle will take a ‘deep dive’ into LinkedIn. As a user what does she like? What is so good about its use of data? Why ‘dashboards’ work and much more.

Join this session and Isabelle if you want insights into:

• Building a data centric business.
• Building ‘dashboards’.
• How to monetize data.
• How to monetize Employer Branding.

These sessions are yours. Our moderators are there to share information and also facilitate debate, you can attend one session or walk amongst multiple sessions. Join in, have your say and shape the future of your own business and the industry.

Keith Robinson.

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