The Job Board Summit 2015 – North America: Our three takeaways

We’ve had two weeks to think about The Job Board Summit 2015 – North America; after seeing some the delegate feedback and talking to a few of our speakers and it seems our big takeaways from the event are very much aligned with others.

Some of our attendees have put together some fantastic blogs summarising the event; Recruitics can be found here and The Job Board Doctor can be found here.

Our three takeaways from The Job Board Summit 2015

We are in the technology businesses:

Okay, that may sound obvious but many still think we’re media businesses; we’re also totally technology dependent and driven.
Our clients are as equally tech driven from their recruiting software or ATS, the sourcing tools they use, to all the point solutions (e.g. referral, job posting, video screening). So our clients expect us to understand their needs and demands, therefore:

• Look at what’s going on in the HR and Recruiting Technology world and think about how these might impact on your business.
• We are seeing convergence but is this an opportunity or threat, should, could or can we develop our own ATS solutions?
• Data is a by-product of technology and job boards have great data – Predictive Analytics.
• Look beyond the HR space and see what other technologies are being developed or services that use technology that might be relevant – Think Mashup.

We are marketing lead. This really hit home:

• Brand is critical – In a world where we can find almost anyone, the real issue today is: ‘do they want to engage with you?’ The power of the employer brand.
• Content builds engagement, builds community and ‘stickiness’ – blog, events etc.
• Intelligent e-mail marketing drives traffic.
• Data (research) helps marketers make intelligent investment decision.

Smart investment is the key:

• Lots of money being invested in HR and Recruiting start-ups.
• Job Boards still work (SIA Research 33% of staffing firms put Job Boards at number one for source of candidates) but we’re unloved and unappreciated so values are subdued.
• What do you want from your investing partner? Really understand this before you look for investment.
• When looking to or considering to sell “engage with the Banks, bring them into your business, let them see your DNA” and “get them to work for you” these are two great thoughts shared by John Bell.

Take a look at our twitter (@jobg8) and the summit discussions at #jobg8summitNA. It was fantastic to see everyone at The Job Board Summit 2015 – North America and we hope to see you in London for the European event 12th-13th November 2015.

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