Just lovin’ that big data!

We hear a lot about Big Data and today we have more than ever at our fingertips. This is fantastic for our development as an industry, however, data is no use if you can’t understand or interpret it.

JobisJob’s new Job Market Insights is helping job boards do this. Having managed 136 million job offers last year, JobisJob are in a great position to analyse and interpret the big data job boards need to form and support their business decisions.

Keith Robinson recently met with JobisJob’s Tanya Arch to discuss some of their recent job market insights. We’ve shared this information below and Keith has kindly put together some thoughts on each.

Top 5 Recruiting Cities in Europe



Why does London have such a huge volume? Potential interpretations:

• Is the price of job boards much cheaper in the UK vs the rest of Europe? – They are but this is not the issue (jobs are de-duped).

• Does the same job get posted to more than one site because of skill shortages? – Yes, this might be an explanation but Jobisjob de-dupe their data so although many jobs in the UK get posted to 3+ job boards this would not be an issue.

• Is London big? – Yes but would this account for the difference in volume?

• It seems to be a combination of issues what please share your thoughts with us.


What does the above indicate?

• The migration to mobile, including tablets, is greater in the UK than either Germany or France.

• Could this mean that job seekers in Germany and France search more from home on their PC? Sadly, we can’t be sure but it does prove to have an impact on how you communicate, attract and engage with candidates.

• What I think we need to learn next would be: what time of day do job seekers search for a job in Germany, France and the UK?

Top 5 sectors by country Q1 2015


What can we learn from the above data?

• IT is a huge Pan-European sector and one that continues to suffer from skill shortages. With this having been an issue since the 80’s we ask: why does it still suffer from skill shortages and what about an education issue? Why have governments nor responded to the industry’s needs?

• The UK and German economies based on jobs appear to be similar but structurally different to France. Both have a strong Finance sector (London and Frankfurt) and interestingly have strong Engineering sectors.

• France would appear to be strong in Logistics and Distribution (true).

• All three countries have a problem with recruiting Sales people (sadly also true).

But why does all this matter?

• Workforce planning should be a key part of any Employer Branding Project – you need to understand the talent you will be hiring in the future not just today.

• How difficult will it be to recruit the people you want? Considering that, how do you shape your attraction, media and engagement strategy?

• Where can you find and attract the talent by city, country or continent?

• Who is your recruiting competition, by company, by region or by country?

• Finally, smart interpretation of your competitions hiring needs can without a doubt indicate their business strategy!

Data + Intelligent Interpretation = Management Information = Intelligent Decision Making = Successful Businesses.


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