Doug Monro talks Crowdfunding

doug_monroWe met with Doug Monro, Co-Founder of Adzuna and one of the sponsors of The Job Board Summit 2015 – Europe, to discuss the state of the industry, the UK market and their recent Crowdfunding experience.

Doug shared a great podcast with us on the whole Crowdfunding experience – which you can listen to below – It really shows the power of social funding platforms, having raised £2.1m against a planned fundraising round of £1.5m.


Here’s a quick snapshot of Doug’s top tips:

• Get your Marketing and PR in place: video, slideshare’s etc – go viral.
• Get your investor engaged and on-board and don’t forget the legal side.
• Allow yourself a minimum of 8 weeks. Be prepared during those 8 weeks to take calls and answer questions 24/7.
• It takes time for the crowdfunding to build momentum. The last 3 weeks really saw the commitments roll in.
• Don’t just use social media. You need to get out there and attend investor events, speed pitching sessions etc. Show people who you are and what you’re doing in a personal way that helps encourage engagement.
• And don’t forget that the tax breaks are a big motivation.

And finally here’s Doug’s take on the market, trends and the industry:

• The UK is buoyant.
• The European market is picking up nicely. Particularly Holland after a long, deep recession. Poland is a new market for Adzuna and is showing some real promise.
• Doug likes big data but it has to be either making money or adding value. Their ValueMyCV product has been a huge success.


• Doug, like many in our industry, still doesn’t get the ATS issues around integration, source of hire data and giving clients what they want.

You can meet Doug and the rest of the team at Adzuna during The Job Board Summit 2015 – Europe in November, London.


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