JobisJob: Insights into the French Market

Today, as MI becomes a key part of the HR and Recruiting industry (and as more and more data becomes available as a by-product), key decisions can be made based on hard facts. However, one key issue remains is the ability of many in our industry to interpret that data.

In this blog we share some key industry data that has been collected by JobisJob’s Job Market Insights.

French Postings by Sector Q1 2014

(Total market job offers – 1,785,599)


French job postings by sector Q1 2015 plus year-on-year growth

(Total market job offers – 2,494,086


Our interpretations from the data are:

• Construction has seen huge year-on-year growth – is France investing in construction and infrastructure as a way out of recession?
• Logistics has the largest year-on-year growth.
• Production is number two and big in France. It’s not in the top 5 in the UK, reflecting the much larger manufacturing base in France.

French traffic to JobisJob by type of device


Top five companies (by job posting offers)


We’d like to thank Tanya Arch and JobisJob once again for the great insights. Don’t forget to check out our next blog on insights into the German Market!



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