Interview with Kyle Power; Director of Interactive Marketing at CHG Healthcare Services


Kyle Power heads up Interactive Marketing at CHG Healthcare, one of the largest and most successful staffing firms in the U.S healthcare sector, Kyle is joining us on the Candidate Panel at the summit.

He is responsible for both CHG’s own site and how that generates traffic and candidates as well as all the supplier/partners that CHG work with.

Kyle agreed to answer a few questions  prior to the summit and I’m sure these will stimulate debate and some questions during the panel session, what becomes  immediately clear from my interview is that one, Kyle sees “supplier” as business partners and two, expects solutions to the business issues he faces relating to traffic, quality etc.

Question; In running your own site what are the key metrics you measure? Traffic, Conversions, Resume etc. –

Answer; We try and balance all of them, but as we mature, traffic is less important, and quality of placement is better to look at. The challenge there is that some channels have low volume and can’t scale quickly.

Question; Have these metrics changed or do you expect them to change?

Answer; Yes, as we mature and look at the broader funnel, we are looking at different numbers through the chain to evaluate partners as their traffic, apps move through the funnel.

Question; When working with job boards what are the metrics you measure them by and again have these changed in recent years?

Answer; Yes, we are focusing more  on quality and moving from a “get us more” approach, to discussing diminishing returns at some point where the quality starts to decline. We believe we are making some good progress on this, but it has been hard, both internally and then discussing these challenges with partners. The tools sometimes are either not there or in place for a very clear/specific answer.

Question; Have the “social platforms” i.e. LinkedIn for sourcing and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc impacted on either your use of job boards i.e. an alternative for response or being used to build your brand?

Answer; No, not really. We use it for Employment Branding and Attraction but it has not helped us much with pure candidate sourcing.

Question; What more could job boards do to support you/and your business goals?

Answer; Be more transparent about impressions, clicks, apps etc but also share the data and with better capabilities to either build or have dashboards for reporting and bidding. The next generation of people using their platforms will/or could come from “Generation AdWords” as I call it and have expectations around bidding, reporting, segmentation. In a nutshell a more informed client!!

Question; Finally and healthcare recruitment related – what are the big recruiting trends in this huge sector and how might these impact on job boards.

Answer; We continue to see strong growth in the segment and it’s become more of a balancing act of managing multiple partners and knowing how aggressive to be in terms of bids/budgets but not going too high. I view working with multiple partners like a portfolio of investments. We all have some blue chips, some international, some smaller funds, etc. We have to be comfortable moving money around where we see performance, but also understand scale and mass quantity restraints

Our thanks to Kyle, for his answers, honestly and the insights,  a final observation from us, how often do we hear clients talk about “building a supplier partnership” but in a very commodity driven market are we the Job Boards capable of doing this?

A question that our moderator will pose to both the panel and our audience at the event. So make sure you join us in Chicago and join our panel session on “What The Client Thinks” ” it’s  your opportunity to have a say and help shape the future of our industry, Register Now and share your knowledge and insights with your peers.


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