Exclusive Interview with Jobs2Careers

Jobs2Careers Interview
Jobs2Careers Interview

Jobs2Careers are our lead sponsor at the North American Job Board Summit in Chicago later this month, 23/24th June and have been supporting the event for many years, we have therefore enjoyed seeing their incredible growth and got to know them well.

I got a few minutes with them recently and asked them a few questions and the first was a simple who are you and your mission statement;

Jobs2Careers is a performance-based job search engine with more than 20 million registered users and over 1 billion monthly searches. Our mission is to innovate the way talent effectively finds work and employers find talent. For more information, visit Jobs2Careers.com/employers.

With the huge amount of data that you have, what is it telling you about the US market, both Job Seeker/Candidate and Recruiter?

“Industries with the largest amount of job postings and job seekers are healthcare, warehouse, customer service, retail, construction and restaurant. In a reflection of the changing way that people work, 10% of the jobs on our site are gigs – part-time, on-demand, or contract work. People have moved beyond the traditional W2 model and want to work at their convenience and on their own schedule”.

Do you see any change in demands from “Recruiters/Clients”?

“Every client would prefer to pay for one resume which leads to an immediate hire however clients are realistic too. They realize that they need both quantity and quality of applicants and Jobs2Careers is able to provide that with tools such as resume filtering, display tags and email targeting. Ultimately, it’s the hire that matters. Our customers want to know who’s driving the hires and they are adopting more sophisticated technologies to effectively allocate their recruitment budgets”. 

What is your view on the new business models e.g. Pay Per Application, Pay Per Placement etc?

“For a long time the recruitment industry was lagging behind other industries in technology, however in the past few years the trend has been towards embracing technology, and with it, embracing pay-for-performance models. Specifically we see job level programmatic ad buying as a trend in the industry. It’s nowhere near as sophisticated as general advertising but there are pioneers in this industry leading the way and taking the first step in offering rules-based bidding for jobs”.

Biggest Opportunity you see and the Biggest Threat?

“Programmatic ad buying is both a great opportunity and also a challenge – because it needs to be done right. Talent acquisition continues to attract investment because finding the right talent is so meaningful to businesses. So there’s great power and great responsibility in keeping up with the marketplace and giving customers what they need to be successful”.


These insights very much reflect what the industry is talking about at the moment and therefore the  topics, with 25 speakers, panellists and moderators we cover the “big subjects” of the moment, our client panel will undoubtedly discuss the issue of performance based traffic buying, additionally we have two workshops looking at traffic, one specifically on Programmatic Buying and the other looking at PPC, PPA,  PPP etc.

One final observation, in a world of “Big Data”, aggregators have huge amounts of data and this can and is by many being “cut and diced” in interesting ways, some are monetising this data others use it for Marketing and PR purposes, either way we expect more innovation in this data rich area.

We look forward to seeing our friends at Jobs2Careers and all our sponsors, delegates and speakers in Chicago.

Keith Robinson

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