How to Create Meaningful Meetings with Convers8

Have you ever attended an industry event and been disappointed not to meet the contacts you intended to? For our 2017 Job Board Summit events, we are pleased to provide all delegates with the opportunity to schedule meetings with decision makers prior to the event.

What is Convers8?


Convers8 is our simple desktop, mobile and tablet friendly booking platform that lets you connect with other delegates and request or accept meetings. Sync your meetings straight to your device calendar and make a plan to gain the most value from your visit before you even step foot in London.


All meetings will take place in the Convers8 dedicated meeting space on both days of the Job Board Summit Europe.

Full access to our platform will be released to delegates and sponsors 2-3 weeks prior to the event on 9-10 November. Tickets are still available here.

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How it Works?

  1. Once you have booked your tickets, you will receive an invitation email a few weeks prior to the Summit.
  2. Here you are able to login to update your profile – describing your company and what you are offering and/or looking for. You will be automatically advised by the system for your ideal appointment.
  3. The ‘Search Participants’ view will give you a complete list of participants and their profiles. This navigation bar can be found on the left hand side of the homepage.
  4. On a selected profile you will be able to ‘Request a Meeting’. This will show available times and let you send a request for a meeting.
  5. The other participant will receive an email notification to accept, decline or propose another time slot. And there you have it, you are set to meet before the Summit begins!

Download infosheet PDF >

IMG_0369 (002).JPG
Convers8 in New Orleans, June 2017

We trialled Convers8 at the Job Board Summit North America in New Orleans in June. It proved extremely popular and valuable, so we decided it was a must have for London in November.

At Jobg8, we are always looking at new ways that we can improve our Job Board Summit events. You’re feedback is always appreciated. You can contact us here.

We hope to see you in November!



2 Replies to “How to Create Meaningful Meetings with Convers8”

  1. At Jobg8 In New Orleans I was impressed by the app, and I don’t impress easily!
    Kudos to Jobg8 for investing in it and offering it to their attendees to facilitate networking and collaboration.

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