New Product Launch: Jobg8 Gets Pushy

Allowing Job boards to increase their reach and earn more revenue

Jobg8, a Global provider of solutions for Job Boards, has launched an email job alerting service which maximises the effect of push technology to broaden a jobs reach.  The new service provides candidates with more job matches and what’s more the job board gets paid for the privilege.

Candidates expect to be alerted when a matching job has been posted and email alerts are not usually much further away than the job seekers phone in their pocket. Pushing job alerts to candidates has become such an important channel for job boards to reach their candidates that up to 50% of candidate responses to a job posting are the outcome of a candidate receiving an alert.

Louise Grant Circle“We’ve always been about addressing the challenges that job boards face, and with Jobg8 alerts we offer another channel to earn revenue, whilst providing a better job search experience for their candidates,” said Jobg8 CEO Louise Grant.

“Our customer’s feedback has driven the product development and we are incredibly thrilled that Jobg8 Alerts is now available for job boards to accelerate their growth and maximise existing candidate data.”

Jobg8 have run an extensive trial of the job alert service with one of its network members and were provided with the following feedback:

“We have trialled Jobg8 alerts and the impact has been immediate. It was easy to setup and from day 1 we provided more jobs to our candidates, more applications to our customers and we earned money from it too.”

Find out more about Job Alerts.

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