What’s on Day 1 at Job Board Summit North America 2018

On the first day of Job Board Summit North America 2018, we have some exceptional speakers for you who will share their insights and discuss important topics facing the future of the industry. Topics include the changes in the recruiting world, the impact of net neutrality, discovering TA leaders expectations, recruiting the gig economy, personalization and using AI for job boards. You will come away with ideas to apply to your business and make plenty of connections with job board owners. Don’t miss out!

The Job Board Summit is the largest gathering of job boards in North America. This year it is taking place in Nashville, the magical city of music, for two days on July 26-27.


Matt_CircleMatt Charney – Recruiting Daily

Fundamental Changes in the Recruiting World

There’s a lot of buzz and changes happening out there for job boards today. But should you believe all the hype? We’ll take a took at what you really need to know to survive and thrive.

Matt will break down the top talent trends every job board owner needs to know and uncover what what problems recruitment marketing pros need to solve today to get ready to win the top talent of tomorrow – and get ahead of the competition.

TA Panel

Gerry Crispin – CareerXroads (Moderator)
Henry Casanova – T. Rowe Price (formerly Macy’s)
Danielle Monaghan – Amazon
Carolyn Eisman – Enterprise Holdings
Frans Mahieu – Kimberley-Clark
Keri La Ra – Spectrum

TA Leaders Panel

Talent acquisition leaders in large firms are facing an exponential growth of technologies, demands for greater privacy and transparency, pressures for increased recruiter capacity, and increased candidate pushback.

This session is an open conversation between the TA leaders and the audience about the challenges and solutions to evolving TA models.

Melissa Miller CircleMelissa Miller – Uber

Recruiting the Gig Economy

With advances in technology, an increasing number of people are working in the gig economy, offering the flexibility to choose their work location and hours. How do companies like Uber recruit for gig economy?

Melissa will share her experience of using job board advertising to recruit for Uber jobs.

Other sessions include:

  • Net Neutrality and the Impact on Job Boards – Chris Adams, Madgex
  • The Hype Around Hyper-Personalization – Jackye Clayton, HiringSolved
  • How to Build an AI Tool – Randy Moore, Pocket Recruiter

Don’t miss out on this year’s Summit, we have a fantastic agenda, exclusive networking opportunities and it is a great excuse to join us in Nashville!

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