[Webinar Recording] Busting the Myths of GDPR for USA Job Boards Doing Business in the EU

It has been a month since the enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, but it’s not going anywhere.

If you are a USA Job Board and have EU customers you will probably have unanswered questions.

That’s why we arranged a webinar with GDPR expert – Lucy Kendall to bust the myths of GDPR for USA job boards doing business in the EU. Watch the recorded webinar below for tips and advice on what you should be doing as a job board owner.

Watch the recording with chat here.

Questions addressed include:

  • What is the actual risk to the business/as a business owner? What should my main concern be?

  • What should I have done by now/be doing?

  • As a job board owner am I a data processor or a data controller and why does that matter?

  • Can you give me a specific example of which is which?

  • What impact does GDPR have on my marketing activities to candidates I’m trying to engage with my job board?  And, is that different from staffing agencies and employers?

  • What is a Subject Access Request?

  • I heard about a job board not taking applications from EU residents

  • Should I delete EU residents from my resume database?

  • What could I do to make things easier for staffing agencies who are struggling

  • I currently sell job seeker traffic (in the forms of redirect clicks) do I need to worry about GDPR?

  • Do I need to pay a lawyer?

The webinar was a precursor to the job board summit in Nashville on July 26-27 where a line-up of job board leaders, experts and innovators address the important challenges in the industry. Find out more about the summit here.


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