Charu Malhotra – Talking Job Boards

CHARUphoto21Charu will be joining our client panel at The Job Board Summit 2014 – Europe in a week’s time. She is a highly experienced and respected recruiter, having worked at BP, Vodafone, Baker Hughes, Unilever and Smiths News Group, holding a wide range of leadership positions.

With this experience Charu brings great insights into the world of recruiting, sourcing, employer branding and social media, she kindly took the time to speak to Jobg8 about her take on Job Boards. Continue reading “Charu Malhotra – Talking Job Boards”

René Bolier – What Job Boards will do in 2015

Rene Bolier

Job Boards are not dying at all. They do, however, need to change things to stay alive and grow their business. Recently I wrote a blog about the top 5 challenges Job Boards need to tackle. After Jobg8 published that blog I’ve been approached by and speaking with a lot of Job Boards in Europe about these challenges they all recognize and I’ve decided to write a follow-up which is a combination of what I think will and should happen. Continue reading “René Bolier – What Job Boards will do in 2015”

The Job Board Summit 2014 – Europe: The Workshops

EJBS 2014 Logo

This year’s summit has continued to evolve with its agenda growing beyond what we’ve ever had before. Last year’s feedback included; more sessions on Europe, more time to debate and smaller sessions to drill down into subjects. So this year our day one workshops focus on exactly these issues and deliver smaller, more open sessions.

These sessions cover a range topics and in this blog we give a few insights on what to expect from each. Continue reading “The Job Board Summit 2014 – Europe: The Workshops”

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