TA Leaders Evolving Views of Partner Expectations in 2018 and Beyond

The Job Board Summit North America 2018 comes to Nashville this July 26-27 and we have a packed agenda for you.

One of the most anticipated sessions will be the TA Leaders Panel, which is hosted by Gerry Crispin. He will be joined by talent acquisition leaders from the big brands such as Macy’s, Amazon, Enterprise Rent a Car, Kimberley-Clark, and Spectrum.

This session is an open conversation between several TA leaders and the audience about the challenges and solutions to evolving TA models.

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Why Sponsor the Job Board Summit

Post updated on January 8th 2018

Most of us want to generate revenue and acquire new business. However, it is difficult to make meaningful interactions with prospects through traditional advertising. The Job Board Summit allows you to connect directly with the specific audience of job boards and build long-lasting relationships.

Sponsors are able to schedule quality meetings with those connections using our new Convers8 meeting area and online platform.

Here are the benefits sponsorship of the Job Board Summit can bring your business:

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