Top 5 tips for job boards going mobile.

Dave Martin is one of our speakers at the European Job Board Summit 2013. He will be speaking on the topic of the “Mobile Job Board” and has shared with us some of his thinking and tips on going mobile.

Mobile web is growing super fast. Many publishers off the record have shared with me that today their mobile traffic is now 40% to 50% of all their traffic. Is mobile the job boards saviour? Has anyone told the job boards? Continue reading “Top 5 tips for job boards going mobile.”

Job Boards, Content and a case of “Back to the Future”

This is the second part in my series “The Future of Job Boards”.

In my first post I alluded to the fact that, in my opinion, job boards are at a turning point and need to decide what they are and what they need to do/be to evolve and grow.

Being both old and something of a recruitment industry historian, I see some parallels to what happened in the publishing industry during the 80s and 90s. Continue reading “Job Boards, Content and a case of “Back to the Future””