What is a Job Board?

During the Jobg8 North American Job Board Summit a great debate took place over “what is a job board”: has the term “become damaged and if so what should a job board be called”. The Job Board Doctor, aka Jeff Dickey- Chasins led the debate and penned an excellent follow up blog – Are career hubs what job boards become when they grow up?

I’d like to offer my take on the topic and ask the following questions:

Five Great Job Board Articles

At Jobg8, given that our clients are only Job Boards, we are always interested in finding and sharing interesting stories about Job Boards and how to use them better or make them operate in a smarter manner.

Each month we will share our “Best of the Job Board” stories on our blog.

We hope you find these updates useful and please, if you have a story to share, let us know. Continue reading “Five Great Job Board Articles”