The Aggregator

Aggregators, or vertical search engines (old school name!!), have been around since the early days of the internet job boards but both have enjoyed an uneasy relationship: one supplies jobs whilst the other traffic BUT both, of course, want the job seeker to come to them first.

The “traditional” aggregator takes a feed of jobs from job boards and then resells traffic to the boards BUT some aggregators will, to build job volume, also scrap/spider other sources of content, i.e. recruitment consultancy and direct employer sites, or take a feed from the ATS.

Of course therein lays an issue, the ability to resist the temptation to monetize the traffic that they generate for these jobs. Many aggregators cannot resist this revenue opportunity and therefore end up competing with their original customers, the job boards. Continue reading “The Aggregator”

Mobile recruiting in Atlanta mrec 2013

Back in June at our North American Job Board Summit, one of our keynote speakers on the topic of “Mobile Recruiting” was Michael Marlatt. As well as being a recruiter, Michael has built the amazing mRec, the world’s largest conference on Mobile and Recruiting.

mRec  In its 3rd year, this year’s event on the 23rd/24th September in Atlanta sees recruiting leaders from organisations such as Groupon, LinkedIn, PepsiCo, Accenture and an amazing line up of speakers descend for this two-day mobile recruiting fest. We are delighted to announce that Jobg8 will be attending and sharing details of the event via our blog and twitter feed. Continue reading “Mobile recruiting in Atlanta mrec 2013”