US Job Board News

ComScore’s December 2013 job board traffic data demonstrates that job seekers are increasingly preferring to use aggregators but are continuing to use the major recruitment sites at a lower level. It also looks like is taking a real lead over its major competitor, SimplyHired. In a look at traffic for the four biggest performers, (Indeed, SimplyHired, Monster and CareerBuilder) Indeed was the only one whose traffic didn’t take a year-over-year nose dive. SimplyHired’s drop was less than half of that for, which suffered a 36 percent year-over-year drop in unique visitors.

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The Jobg8 interview series – Peter Zollman and Katja Riefler

One of our media sponsors for both our North American and European Job Boards Summits was AIM Group or many of you may know them Classified Intelligence. I have known Peter Zollman, the founder for over 12 years and Katja Riefler, Principle Director EMEA for 5 years. They both have an incredible knowledge of our Job board sector.

Katja attended and reported on our European Job Board Summit in December. Both she and Peter agreed to be interviewed to share their thoughts on the Job Board Markets in within Europe and the US.

Interviewees Katja and Peter

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The Aggregator

Aggregators, or vertical search engines (old school name!!), have been around since the early days of the internet job boards but both have enjoyed an uneasy relationship: one supplies jobs whilst the other traffic BUT both, of course, want the job seeker to come to them first.

The “traditional” aggregator takes a feed of jobs from job boards and then resells traffic to the boards BUT some aggregators will, to build job volume, also scrap/spider other sources of content, i.e. recruitment consultancy and direct employer sites, or take a feed from the ATS.

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