Big Data in Recruitment

One of the big topics in recruitment today is “Big Data” and the usage of data to hire efficiently. It’s going to be one of the key subjects that we’ll be discussing at the Jobg8 Job Board Summit in June. We are delighted that IBM and one of their top consultants will be joining us. They’ll present and also join a panel discussion on the subject.

But what does this term really mean and how can it be used? We’ve decided to share with you our best of the “Big Data in Recruitment” blogs.

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The Job8 Summit Interview Series – Jakub Zavrel

I have known Jakub and his company Textkernel for 9 years. I met them when I was with and, at the time, their technology blow me away. Over the last 9 years the business has grown its product portfolio and geographical reach.


I’m personally delighted that Jakub is joining us at the EJBS 2013; he gets the big data issue, semantic search and how to build products that deliver solutions as opposed to creating more problems.

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