Ken Levinson – Talking content, Job Boards and Enchanted Careers

enchanted careers
Ken Levinson is a US, Florida based recruitment and Job Board vet and has great insights into the world of content. Today he is advising consultant to a new start-up, Enchanted Careers, and took time out from his busy schedule at the IAEWS Conference in Las Vegas this week to be interviewed. Continue reading “Ken Levinson – Talking content, Job Boards and Enchanted Careers”

Job Boards, Content and a case of “Back to the Future”

This is the second part in my series “The Future of Job Boards”.

In my first post I alluded to the fact that, in my opinion, job boards are at a turning point and need to decide what they are and what they need to do/be to evolve and grow.

Being both old and something of a recruitment industry historian, I see some parallels to what happened in the publishing industry during the 80s and 90s. Continue reading “Job Boards, Content and a case of “Back to the Future””

What is a Job Board?

During the Jobg8 North American Job Board Summit a great debate took place over “what is a job board”: has the term “become damaged and if so what should a job board be called”. The Job Board Doctor, aka Jeff Dickey- Chasins led the debate and penned an excellent follow up blog – Are career hubs what job boards become when they grow up?

I’d like to offer my take on the topic and ask the following questions: