What is a Job Board?

‘The Demise of the Job Board’ seems to have become something of a ‘cause celeb’ in recruitment media circles. Just type ‘Job Boards are Dead’ into Google and you’ll get a wide variety of comments and articles on the subject. But why? The recent Zappos blog, “What? No Job Postings?!?” seems to sum up the issue: Thought-provoking headline, lots of PR and comments but…so what?

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The Jobg8 Summit Interview Series – Isabelle Hung

It is really a pleasure for me personally to have Isabella join us at the European Job Board Summit 2013. She comes from a job board background, Monster; and then went In-House at Yell and Harrods and was/is an “In-House Recruiting” evangelist. Today she works for the global RPO firm Alexander Mann Solutions and this gives her insight into every area of recruiting process and industry.

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