Mariano Mamertino: Septembers Job posting Dip

MarianoMarino Mamertino, Economic Research Analyst for Indeed, is one of our keynote speakers at The Job Board Summit 2015 – Europe. His background at the International Labour Organisation combined the data he has access to today, via Indeed, positions him well to look at ‘The Future Recruiting Economies of Europe’.

He has just this week been commenting on September’s new employment figures which show a significant weakening labour market in the UK, with job postings declining across all sectors in September compared to the previous month. Continue reading “Mariano Mamertino: Septembers Job posting Dip”

Madgex: Why job boards remain popular

Madgex, one of our Silver Sponsors for The Job Board Summit 2015 – North America last week, have kindly shared a blog post with us about why we all have nothing to worry about because job boards remain popular!

With social media making big strides in the job vacancy advertising arena, job boards and other sources play a more important part than ever in the ‘recruitment mix’.

Here we take a whistle-stop tour of why job boards still remain a popular tool for companies looking to fill vacancies. Continue reading “Madgex: Why job boards remain popular”

Kathleen Smith: ClearedJobs.Net and brand importance for the job board industry

Katleen Smith

Kathleen Smith is the Chief Marketing Officer at ClearedJobs.Net. With 20+ years of extensive experience in Marketing and the commercial world, Kathleen is without a doubt an expert when it comes to managing your branding.

Kathleen will be discussing  what a brand is and how these fit into the job board industry at The Job Board Summit 2015 – North America alongside ADP’s Jenny DeVaughn.

Kathleen gave us some exclusive insights into some of the topics she’ll be discussing with Jenny as well as a fantastic run down of just how she helped make ClearedJobs.Net such a success. Continue reading “Kathleen Smith: ClearedJobs.Net and brand importance for the job board industry”

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