Raimo Mäkilä – The Views of a CEO

RaimoMakilaAlma Media may not be a name that many of you will know or recognise but over the last 18 months this Finnish based media group have become one of the largest Job Board and Recruitment Solutions businesses in Europe.

A series of acquisitions including DMGT’s Jobs Boards in Czech, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, the acquisition of leading Baltic’s Job Board group CVOnLine and last year taking over, via a share swoop, Monster’s businesses in Poland, Czech and Hungary means Alma Media sit very much at the heart of recruiting in a wide and diverse region.


Many of the boards are market leaders (Jobs.cz, Professia, CVO) but they face many of the same challenges as Job Boards in the U.S and Western Europe; LinkedIn, Indeed, new revenue models etc.

CEO Raimo Mäkilä shared some of his insights with us. Continue reading “Raimo Mäkilä – The Views of a CEO”

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