The Mobile Experience – What does the job seeker want?

One of the big topics at the mRec Mobile Recruiting Conference was the mobile experience and what do job seekers want/expect when using their mobile. We saw a number of presentations on this topic from a range of vendors and media businesses including LinkedIn, Jibe, CareerBuilder plus some insights from clients such as UPS.

What is very clear is that we have a long way to go. One area which requires real improvement is the “mobile apply” although, interestingly enough, a number of industry experts prefer the term “easy apply”. Continue reading “The Mobile Experience – What does the job seeker want?”

The mRec Conference: The Statistics – Part One

It was a real privilege to be invited by Michael Marlatt to attend the 3rd mRec Mobile Recruiting Conference in Atlanta a few weeks ago.

There was an amazing line up of speakers, topics and some excellent product demos. Not pitches but really informative stuff which shows how fast this sector is developing. Continue reading “The mRec Conference: The Statistics – Part One”

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