Joining the Job Board Summit debate – Isabelle Hung

Isabelle has a wide and varied background. She worked at Monster in the early 2000’s within the HR and Recruiting capacity, held senior In-House Recruiting positions at Yell and Harrods and then joined the global RPO business Alexander Mann Solutions. Isabelle initially took on the role as Global Head of Talent Acquisition, which expanded to include all “Global Partnerships”. This included all of AMS’s candidate supply channels.

Isabelle Hung
Isabelle Hung

During this role Isabelle undertook a mjor audit of the channels, leading her to share some great insights about LinkedIn at our European Job Board Summit last year.

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The Jobg8 Summit Interview Series – Isabelle Hung

It is really a pleasure for me personally to have Isabella join us at the European Job Board Summit 2013. She comes from a job board background, Monster; and then went In-House at Yell and Harrods and was/is an “In-House Recruiting” evangelist. Today she works for the global RPO firm Alexander Mann Solutions and this gives her insight into every area of recruiting process and industry.

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