Barry Flack: The future of recruitment

Barry has been at the forefront of the UK HR & Recruiting industry for many years having held senior leadership positions at the likes of Barclaycard and Primark. Barry is joining us for our Future of Recruitment & HR session alongside Matthew Jeffery, Jennifer Candee, Jeremy Russon and Jamie Leonard.

Barry shared his view in this short but to the point piece.

The future of recruitment is in the mind

The future of recruitment as we know it is as exciting as it is unpredictable. One only has to tap into the newswires coming from HR Tech conferences to see where the next new set of shiny bright toys are coming from as evidenced by the enormous investment being pushed in that area from the west coast of the USA. Continue reading “Barry Flack: The future of recruitment”

Louise Grant, Jobg8 CEO, on how The Job Board Summits came to be

The Job Board Summit 2015 – Europe is fast approaching with only two weeks until we kick off in London!

Bigger and better than ever, the unique industry event is back for its forth year and offers and incredible agenda packed full of regionally specific workshops, insightful keynote speakers and endless networking opportunities.

With this in mind, and after four years and seven events which have grown each year, we wanted to find out how it all began.

Louise Grant, Jobg8’s CEO, gave us a few moments to discuss the creation of The Job Board Summits, how they have developed, what’s to come this year and what she loves most about the job board industry.

Ward Christman – HR Tech, Investing and Job Boards

Ward ChristmanOne of our keynote speakers and panellists at The Job Board Summit 2015 – North America is industry veteran and serial entrepreneur Ward Christman.
He launched one of the first job boards,, back in 1992 and remained there for 9 years, he has also worked in the ATS, Referral and HR sectors.

Ward took time out from his busy schedule to talk to Jobg8 about his summit presentation and share some insights into the market. Continue reading “Ward Christman – HR Tech, Investing and Job Boards”